Promise not to laugh

Yeah I’m just asking for it with that title. the reason I ask for you all not to laugh is because I believe in the possibility humanity split. Split but what do I mean? For this another question must be asked. Does anyone else remember that (pseudo)documentary that aired on Animal planet a month or two back about mermaids? The one more than likely got a few chuckles or scoffs from whoever happened to be in the audience. The one that first aired in Australia and was debunked? I took a good portion of it with salt along with seriousness. If you exclude the tear jerking CGI scenes and the folks that claimed to have worked on the so called corpse it had many points in their favor.

“Their favor? Are you mad?” No I’m not….well…..maybe just a little bit but this is beside the point. See, even if mermaids no longer exist ( or never did ) the point where we would have branched off makes a lot of sense to some of the traits we have today. Granted a lot of them can be contributed to other factors but a few of them I still found compelling to the argument.

The first of which being our near hairlessness. A trait that is shared with other fully aquatic mammals (save seals and walruses’ ).  Second an improved ability to walk on two legs. I say improved since our ancestors could already do that but I doubt all the tree climbing lengthened our legs to walk into deeper waters. Especially since our feet are no longer really built for that. Thirdly if we were swimming forward it kinda makes sense that our armpits and hoodlies would stay fuzz covered. They’re out of the way of drag so there was no reason for it to go ( dang it ).

There will be many folks that would disagree with the above readily. In all honesty how we are here is a mystery still to most with the only certainty was that at one time we went through a bottle neck evolution. For me the above cements it a bit more firmly as to our origins. Take it on with you as your own or laugh it off. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Also before anyone gets on me I said NEAR hairlessness I know many aquatic mammals have hair but it’s peach fuzz for a lot of them.

And now I leave you with a fake mermaid picture.

Sweet dreams all.


Aliens: general ideas

The subject of the possibility of extraterrestrial life can be broad at most so I’ll just be pouring minor things in this post. Firstly before we start throw out everything from any alien genre movie ever. Secondly any appearance presented from any media sense I’m not planning to delve into theoretical looks tonight.

The big question for many a skeptic is that if life beyond us exists why in the world would they visit our little backwater of a dirt ball. Granted they have a point on that since we’re not exactly the most stimulating bunch, even with resources. I personally like the thought someone put out on Ancient Aliens. It was to the effect of ” Oh my giddy the kids have found the matches near the gasoline tanks”. That mainly to the idea of that a majority of the activity picked up after the first few atomic bomb tests.

Though for anyone that’s watched more than one alien related tv show they have been peeking in on us beyond the forties. Almost like long distance voyeurism isn’t it? Watching us as we develop from a pre-pubescent species to stepping into the awkward teenage years. I say teen since there’s many aspects of our society that needs severe tuning, but this post isn’t about us.

Getting back to why they would really be here are two options that make some sense: resource scouting and possible colonization. this could just be because it’s what we expect because it’s what we’ve done to ourselves in the past. I could be wrong (probably am) but a good portion of sightings are in desert areas, yes? It is thought that the reason that is so is because they’re trying to get a good idea about the Earth’s make up. Now really who would want to go through burning down a forest when you have lots of bald patches. One point for the floating ones.The next is if they did find something they needed here they might colonize to mill out what is required. Now this could be just about anything so I’m not really going to bother thinking about it. Who knows might be derived from something here.

Compared to how massive this subject really is not even a scrape was made on this iceberg. But for right now it’s late I’m tired, got a headache and I now deem it beddy by. TBC


Arguably one of the oldest types of paranormal activity as far as spirits are involved. Reports of poltergeist activity stretch back into the Roman empire and possibly further back if you include pre written history. The term is derived from German many “noisy spirit” and given what occurs they’re aptly named.

Now there are many theories as to why poltergeists exist and to what they may truly be. Repressed emotions coming out as telekinetic attacks,  magnetic fields, to spirits just having a temper tantrum. Whatever they are they have been the joy of paranormal seekers and the bane to everyone else. I say bane for the thought that if you were to ask anyone who has been the target of this form of activity they might tell you how much of a nightmare it’s been.

I personally believe that poltergeist activity is but a symptom of paranormal happenings,  of varying levels of course. The first would be a disturbing nuisance, small things go missing from their positions and things fall. Something that would unnerve but not readily make anyone run from the house screaming.  Second would be the “pay attention”, one chose to ignore the first level and the source of the activity is now taking this as a challenge. Objects may be stacked, thrown with force, and if they went missing turn up broken. That would really unnerve some and make them start seeking help. Lastly level three ” it’s hulking out”, which would entail rather large objects such as tables and couches being chucked about, electricals busting in their sockets, large messes being produced made of various substances. This level would make many people implement the “get out of dodge” idea, where now they start running and screaming out of the house.

Mind you that’s just something slapped together and the levels don’t happen in order with some of the activity proposed being interchanged between them. Additionally not all poltergeist activity is from angry teens or spirits. A poltergeist researcher, Dr. John Hutchinson created activity within a scientific setting using electromagnetic fields.  This involves a small plastic milk bottle being squeezed out of shape, a ball or an orange rolling around in a bowl, objects flying about, a carrot being cut in half, short metal rods bending, gravity defying bowling balls, and lastly flashing lights.

Mind you that’s in a lab with lots of equipment trying to produce enough magnetic fields to cause the activity. In the average home I doubt they’d be able to generate enough, much less focused on certain areas to produce anything. Then again I don’t have any devices to test this so perhaps I should invest in an EMF detector soon.

Starchild skull

 When UFO Hunters was airing one of it’s many reruns on H2 they had an episode nearly dedicated to this little skull. For anyone that doesn’t know what the big deal about this skull is, it was a skull found in the 1930’s and due to it’s unusual shape was thought to not be human.

Looking at it I don’t blame them. When the hosts of the show asked the nurse that was looking over it she stated that she had never seen anything like it ( and since her expertise was with babies I believe she would know ).  However I may not be a nurse but I do have a small idea in how to explain the skull.

Some years before when i was still in middle school and my interests were just budding the Travel channel had a special on the Mutter Museum. During the special I happened to spy a small skeleton. It was of a conjoined twin and with it’s appearance I would dare say it was one in several thousand in odds of occurrence. It had a head that resembled the star child skull but with two tiny little bodies underneath it.

Granted I’m not saying that it’s what it is, since the odds of a conjoined twin like in the pictured skeleton surviving for the skull to grow that big is well over one million to one. Rather just the what if one had?

Also I’m not going to entirely buy the father is an “alien” bit just yet. There are many genetic conditions that mess with how are DNA is perceived ( and in chimera’s replaced in some organs ). What’s to say the father didn’t have some form of mutation that would have interfered with testing? Again not saying definitively but merely putting out the possibility.

Psychics: Are they real?

While digging through the internet looking for something to make a post about I noticed that there were a lot of questions about psychics. The big one that was repeated more than the chorus in a song was were they real. To be honest this depends entirely on who you ask and the kind of person they are. They are either the type that believes life is just a string of coincidences or they are the type that believes that there is some type of force guiding us through life.

All of our life experiences are what shape us and define the type of person we are in this stance. If the former were to talk to a claimed psychic they would just smile and laugh them off. If they were right it would just be happen stance that they were. Now you ask the other what they though of the psychic and they would claim them a gift from god to have sent them someone who could see into the giant map of the master plan.

To my own opinion I do believe they exist but one must be careful whom they consult if they claim to be gifted in such a manner. They’re either a true psychic and is in tune with the world and the fields that surround it and every living thing. Now lets flip over and see  they could be the “Sean Spencer”* type where they do a lot of cold reading and are insanely adept when it comes to observing their surroundings.

The above mainly deals with living breathing psychics that happen to be human. There are many apps in this day and age that claim to be psychic as well. Many trinkets from the past with a minor bit of technology have claimed this as well but thankfully no one took those seriously (excluding the magic eight ball of course ).  Always bare in mind that any psychic claim, true or not, must be taken with a grain of salt. For the cold readers a broken clock is right as least twice a day and those proven in their abilities a clock that’s on time can be a few minutes late.

*A main character from the show “Psyche”

Recommended reading and tv

Sunday 10:50AM

I thought it only wise to give a list of my sources in case anyone would like to check them out. Lets start with reading shall we?


The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical creatures ( aka by me the big tome a myth )

And a tiny book on Superstitions I carry with me at all times

Mind you I don’t have many books so my “paranormal” collection is limited to what’s above. A few other books on my shelf regarding hauntings and myth I didn’t mention since they’re more than likely covered in the ones I did list. If I do use information from them I will list it.


Destination Truth

Mystery quest

Haunted Collector


Ancient Aliens

Paranormal Witness

Ghost Hunters**

Lost Tapes***

For a lot of the above I wish there was so much more I could add on. I would’ve added on Weird travels but it sadly no longer comes on air. Some of the shows added were merely just for thought. I personally think that our species splitting off to make mermaids is far more believable than aliens picking us up, shaving us, then putting us back on earth. I know the theories for it are deeper than this but lets admit it this is what it equates to for some.

I’ll iterate that all of the above is optional reading and if you have a better source I’ll be happy to tack on to the lists here.

( No Wikipedia does not count sadly )

**The early episodes mind you when they weren’t commercialized out the flipping wazoo

*** This show is purely speculatory on the possibility of encounters with unknown entities but is still an interesting watch on it’s own regardless.

Additional note: Never and I mean NEVER will I give Fact or Faked a recommendation of any sort. The show is a load of doggy scat on burnt crackers. I could rant but I’m not giving it anymore attention than I need to.

Hello world!

Howdy everyone! This is my very first post of the Paranormal Explained blog. The reason for this blog’s existence is for me to answer any questions you might have pertaining to the paranormal. Now it may already be obvious my grammar is horrible, but I’ll do my best to at least be legible.

To go right off and start this post is about why ghosts can’t cross moving water, or rather the superstition for it. Now like any superstition this ones beginning is lost to time (or at least to me at this moment ). Then again we’re not here for how it started are we? The main consensus for this superstition is that if a spirit, ghost, spook, spectre, whatever the heck you want to call them try to traverse over running water ( ie:stream, creek, river, blah blah ) their souls would then become trapped within the water. There are one or two stories that actually use this for a plot point and then once the river, creek, what have you is dammed up the spirit(s) are there in set free since the running water isn’t really running anymore.

I know that was rather short but that’s just the bare bone as to what the superstition is.