Recommended reading and tv

Sunday 10:50AM

I thought it only wise to give a list of my sources in case anyone would like to check them out. Lets start with reading shall we?


The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical creatures ( aka by me the big tome a myth )

And a tiny book on Superstitions I carry with me at all times

Mind you I don’t have many books so my “paranormal” collection is limited to what’s above. A few other books on my shelf regarding hauntings and myth I didn’t mention since they’re more than likely covered in the ones I did list. If I do use information from them I will list it.


Destination Truth

Mystery quest

Haunted Collector


Ancient Aliens

Paranormal Witness

Ghost Hunters**

Lost Tapes***

For a lot of the above I wish there was so much more I could add on. I would’ve added on Weird travels but it sadly no longer comes on air. Some of the shows added were merely just for thought. I personally think that our species splitting off to make mermaids is far more believable than aliens picking us up, shaving us, then putting us back on earth. I know the theories for it are deeper than this but lets admit it this is what it equates to for some.

I’ll iterate that all of the above is optional reading and if you have a better source I’ll be happy to tack on to the lists here.

( No Wikipedia does not count sadly )

**The early episodes mind you when they weren’t commercialized out the flipping wazoo

*** This show is purely speculatory on the possibility of encounters with unknown entities but is still an interesting watch on it’s own regardless.

Additional note: Never and I mean NEVER will I give Fact or Faked a recommendation of any sort. The show is a load of doggy scat on burnt crackers. I could rant but I’m not giving it anymore attention than I need to.


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