Psychics: Are they real?

While digging through the internet looking for something to make a post about I noticed that there were a lot of questions about psychics. The big one that was repeated more than the chorus in a song was were they real. To be honest this depends entirely on who you ask and the kind of person they are. They are either the type that believes life is just a string of coincidences or they are the type that believes that there is some type of force guiding us through life.

All of our life experiences are what shape us and define the type of person we are in this stance. If the former were to talk to a claimed psychic they would just smile and laugh them off. If they were right it would just be happen stance that they were. Now you ask the other what they though of the psychic and they would claim them a gift from god to have sent them someone who could see into the giant map of the master plan.

To my own opinion I do believe they exist but one must be careful whom they consult if they claim to be gifted in such a manner. They’re either a true psychic and is in tune with the world and the fields that surround it and every living thing. Now lets flip over and see  they could be the “Sean Spencer”* type where they do a lot of cold reading and are insanely adept when it comes to observing their surroundings.

The above mainly deals with living breathing psychics that happen to be human. There are many apps in this day and age that claim to be psychic as well. Many trinkets from the past with a minor bit of technology have claimed this as well but thankfully no one took those seriously (excluding the magic eight ball of course ).  Always bare in mind that any psychic claim, true or not, must be taken with a grain of salt. For the cold readers a broken clock is right as least twice a day and those proven in their abilities a clock that’s on time can be a few minutes late.

*A main character from the show “Psyche”


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