Starchild skull

 When UFO Hunters was airing one of it’s many reruns on H2 they had an episode nearly dedicated to this little skull. For anyone that doesn’t know what the big deal about this skull is, it was a skull found in the 1930’s and due to it’s unusual shape was thought to not be human.

Looking at it I don’t blame them. When the hosts of the show asked the nurse that was looking over it she stated that she had never seen anything like it ( and since her expertise was with babies I believe she would know ).  However I may not be a nurse but I do have a small idea in how to explain the skull.

Some years before when i was still in middle school and my interests were just budding the Travel channel had a special on the Mutter Museum. During the special I happened to spy a small skeleton. It was of a conjoined twin and with it’s appearance I would dare say it was one in several thousand in odds of occurrence. It had a head that resembled the star child skull but with two tiny little bodies underneath it.

Granted I’m not saying that it’s what it is, since the odds of a conjoined twin like in the pictured skeleton surviving for the skull to grow that big is well over one million to one. Rather just the what if one had?

Also I’m not going to entirely buy the father is an “alien” bit just yet. There are many genetic conditions that mess with how are DNA is perceived ( and in chimera’s replaced in some organs ). What’s to say the father didn’t have some form of mutation that would have interfered with testing? Again not saying definitively but merely putting out the possibility.


2 thoughts on “Starchild skull

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