Pleasure Post: Bunnyman

I’ve come to a slight block in my writing and I’ve found only one thing helps a block. Writing or drawing about anything I want. In this Pleasure post I will talk about something close to my heart, Bunnyman. Like the Sampiro I enjoy the thought of this entity for the absurdity of it. The only difference between the two is that Bunnyman represents a more menacing presence since they tend to carry an ax with them.

The name comes from the reported sighting claiming the figure to be a man in a bunny suit. Accounts on his suit state it being mostly white with another stating it being white, grey, and black.  His debut in Virginia occurred in October of  ’69 and he’s been playing the role of boogeyman ever since. After that incident there were many more reported during the fall season (guess he couldn’t wait for Halloween).  Some reports have him terrifying children while brandishing his ax to them. There are many other rumors swirling about this twisted Trix rabbit involving but not limited to: vandalism, attacks on cars and the people there in, and murder. While the former accounts have evidence to back them up, the murder(s?) attributed to Bunnyman are probably unfounded.

Along with the many rumors of his existence are the rumors of his beginnings as the Bunnyman. While his real origin deals with him assaulting people’s cars and homes there is another idea proposed. This includes the Bunnyman having been an institutionalized patient before escaping to the wilderness. Another idea to the start of his name spawned from this, where he purportedly left several discarded rabbit bodies strewn about a bridge. The bridge in question is supposedly the Colchester overpass and was soon deemed the Bunnyman’s favorite haunt. There is a downside to those rumors though. For one, in the county his was reported in the most there had never been an asylum of any sort. Secondly some people dispute about the overpass being the bridge and that the “real” one is now long forgotten in some brush deep in the woods.

Whatever the case may be about him, he is now apart of the many urban legends that people tell at night to spook their friends. So much so that a movie was made in his honor last year. It’s not canon to the actual bunny mythos but then again what movie ever stays in line with urban legends.

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Ouija Boards

Yup here it is, the obligatory Ouija board post! This is obligatory mainly for the fact that when one thinks of ghosts and hauntings Ouija boards aren’t too far behind. Given to what I’ve seen with the boards this post will be minor history and big red warning saying “DO NOT USE”. To that effect I will not be using the “burn everything that isn’t Jesus” approach that many christian sects use.

Since before many of use can remember people have sought methods to speak to those that have left us behind. Seeing faces in smoke from a fire to saying the intended spirits name while staring into a mirror. Don’t start on the second one, that was around long before “Bloody” Mary ever showed up. Back to point people have tried to communicate with the departed. The big spike in communication occurred during the spiritualist movement in the late nineteenth century (late 1800’s-early 1900’s). The image above shows a form of automatic writing, where the people provide the energy for the spirit to write or draw what they wish to put across.

Like the key chain above, the original Ouija board was nothing more than a novelty. Something to amuse guests with while the butler hurriedly slapped together some cheese n’ crackers hor dourves. The people then didn’t tie anymore significance to it than we would a magic eight ball. During the first world war was when the board made it’s debut into the spirit realm and the tables of many spiritualist enthusiasts. It wasn’t long before Ouija gained a large chunk of the lime light of the supernatural. So much so that many movies and tv shows from the forties on have used it at one point or another, shoving it into the mainstream media.

Given it’s immense popularity it wasn’t long before people began bashing on the board. Christians deemed it a symbol of witchcraft (yeah right), The scientists (rightly) deemed it unscientific and the news people just over blew everything (like always). The christians are unfounded, the scientists are right, and the news can blow itself. But for all of this why did I put the words “DO NOT USE” in capitals? Because Murhpy’s law happens.

As in my “welcoming death into the home” post stated, one really cannot invite death into their home. However spirits can be invited. This is the main danger of the Ouija board. I’d like to think of a board as an old fashioned operator working the lines. If one asks for someone specifically the operator can line them up. But, if no one is specified then the operator just connects to anyone that can receive the call. This is where uninvited guests can come in since they were invited but not by name and without meaning to. Given the many ways that a doorway can be established I don’t think that the Ouija board is one. All it is is the operator not bothering to take the line down. As a result of that there have been many Ouija seances that didn’t exactly end well in the days afterward. While that is not always the case caution should still be used with it.

If it’s intended for a nights festivities to play with an Ouija board, do so safely. Get protection and if a professional with the board is available to use it with the party involved, please do.

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At one point or another for anyone digging into the supernatural doppelgangers have popped up. Sometimes there’s only a footnote and other times there can be a whole chapter or book dedicated to them. How we think of it today though is a mix between different and culture over time so the way one thinks of it depends on their belief system. A basic definition of a doppelganger could be along the lines of an apparent body double going about the routine of the day, long before the original is to show up in the current location.

Again with the different beliefs this can be varied. There is another tidbit of legend that claims if someone were to run into their doppelganger they would die on the spot. I kind of think of that like matter meeting anti matter and the two forms of the person cancel each other out. One would hope for such a unfortunate meeting to never occur. Then again if that were the case no one has survived to either deny or confirm it.

There is a lot speculated about why doppelgangers exist. Theories range from dimensions crossing boundaries to a time warp where our future self is seen by others. For some though all doppelgangers are, are spirits. There are several recorded instances where a body double will show up in the moment of the original’s death. This to me makes sense since when the original expires then their “double” appears among friends or family by that point it’s technically a ghost sending the last goodbye.

Given I don’t really know much on the doppelganger subject this is all I can write about now. I’ll see about adding onto this with additional research later. TTFN all.

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 For this post I decided to cover plesiosaurs, or more specifically their possible descendants. That means of course that this is about Nessy, Champ, Ogopogo and so on.

In the landlocked lakes that they are said to appear many things in their appearance remain the same. Long necks, bulky bodies, and the infamous flippers. Due to said appearance it has lead many people to believe that it’s a plesiosaur that, if it had the digits to, would be giving double fingers to extinction. Though aside from the numerous sightings there’s been very little to prove Champ and his/her cousins true. I don’t think it would be possible for something like it to have survived long passed the extinction. No one bring up the ceolocanth either that thing had armor protection and was prepared like an apocalyptic hillbilly.

Because of the below the crust likelihood that they still exist many dismiss the idea that they’re out there among other factors. There are a couple theories that relate to convergent evolution to try and explain the possible existence of them. For those whose biology classes didn’t cover it convergent evolution is where separate species develop similar traits. Birds and bats both developed themselves for flight as an example.

To apply it here there are many animals with long necks. Ostriches, storks, alpacas, llamas, tortoises, and some turtles. The last one is the only semi aquatic one in what I listed and there’s probably a lot more animals. To me though it seems the best candidate to have a relative living in at least one of the lakes where these types of creatures are reported. Some of these lakes are said to not even have enough fish to support them. What if the creature seen is a herbivore though? I know very well I’m not stating anything new but with a long neck they could easily reach any vegetation that happened to be near the shore if they already ate all of the algae. With the size of many of these lakes though that’d be a difficult feat to do.

For that being the last of what I can think to note with this post relating nothing to the dinosaur many thought it resembled. I leave everyone with a squid pranking the world.

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Response to First Contact

After Mr. Guerra linked me to their blog I’ve been trying to keep up with it but for the one about first contact I did get to thinking. The questions mentioned were more than likely rhetorical but I’m going to seek to answer them anyway.

The first question proposed is how religious zealots would behave when the ideals of their religion, whatever it may be, is challenged by the new presence of other intelligent beings.  The answer is simply that they would have something else to hate. Like with how gay love disturbs their precious idea of marriage the idea of life beyond us would disturb their ideal that we’re gods precious children and his only children. Not all think that I know but a good majority of them do. Think of it like when a small child becomes the older sibling and gains new responsibility over themself. They get less attention from the parent and grow to resent the newborn in the home. Given that it’s between separate interstellar, or possibly inter galactic, races the same kind of resentment still exists between said zealots and the new people coming to greet us. That’s one of the main billing calls of religion that we are “special”. When that is dashed they will just have something new to hate.

To the second one there will be a very deep split between the combined mentality of the masses. On one half more than likely there will be many mass suicides mainly sprouting out from cults that relate to these kind of things in nature and to sadly misinterpreting the signs will kill themselves in seeking ascension for their minds. That will probably hit close to home for many cults within the eye of the public but there are also minor and little known cults that would jump into the poison punch dripped fray. Outside of the cults there will many who might assume a soon to be war of the worlds to occur. If anyone recalls that during their English classes they know what happened during that broadcast.

The third question relates to if we’d finally hug each other in and realize our mistakes. I must have a very bleak view of my own species since I doubt if that would happen. Given that there will be many a man and woman more than happy to set aside their wrongs and those of others to forgive but there is a reason. These enviable people haven’t sipped from the cup that is called pride. Many people of this world wouldn’t describe themselves as prideful but it’s one of those things we are born with much as we try to ignore it. For this we’ll just work with how we think. When there’s something we believe and believe it strongly we ignore any proof to the contrary and/or deny it. If you’ve known any headstrong man or woman then you understand what I’m talking about.  Ones attitude can be changed but you need a hammer and pick to chip to change anothers beliefs.

Lastly they purposed the question of what they would think of us. Personally I think it’d be like an older sibling seeing the younger bang their head against the wall. No rhyme or reason to it, it’s just something the younger one does causing confusion to the older one. I doubt they’d even know what to do with us if the visitors were of the peaceful variety. They couldn’t give us any technology since we have a nasty habit of turning things meant for peace into weapons. In addition how could they face us when a majority would still be in fear and the rest wanting to desperately embrace them. I think an apt comparison would be like a boyfriend trying to compliment an extremely bipolar girlfriend. She could either take it and thank him with a hug or suspect him for the shadows of evil within her own mind and lash out. Either way he loses and so would they and then so would we for squandering a possible interstellar relations.

In short if they come down and I talk to them I’d be suggesting they go to another star cluster until we grow up a little more. Maybe five hundred years or so.

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Welcoming Death into ones home

For those that have been watching the television and are into the paranormal it is known that there was a return of the show Paranormal witness. One of the experiences they related I had already seen before in a previous documentary on the paranormal. With this show however they went into greater detail about the single mother’s ordeal. The main thing that stuck with me though is that the priests that came to “help” her claimed she welcomed death into her home. This struck a cord with me. A very irritable one at that but then again I have a general distaste for the church.

Now to why it struck a cord is for how I think about death. One, someone cannot simply invite it into their home. Death is a strictly professional being and only comes when required and doesn’t bother to linger. Additionally I think a majority can agree that death does not cause paranormal activity since such things occur after the death not right at it (except in some special cases) . Two, when it comes to matters of the supernatural, unless otherwise shown, priests cannot be trusted in their information. Why is this? Mainly for the fact that being of the church makes them exceedingly biased in their opinion and for some their “holier than thou” attitude.

Disclaimer: I am very well aware of the fact that the above addresses a minority of the people within or affiliated with the church. Whispered insults are heard louder than shouted compliments after all.

Continuing on a spirit does not by any means need the home and/or landowners permission to be there or to come into the home. I mean come on they can go through flipping walls. What’s the average person going to do to stop them from entering? In many cases the spirit was there long before “intruding” homeowner came to live there. This is a mute point though since many of you already know this. There are many ways in which to get them out of the home though I can’t speak for their effectiveness since I have never tried any means to clear my home. This also isn’t a post on how to get make peace with them either.

The main idea of this post was to correct the statement within the show as quoted from the priests. Having little skeletons in your fish tank will not invite death. Dolls claimed to be associated with the paranormal made for the tourist trade in any country does not invite death. Buying any little old antique or trinket will not invite death either. Death is a part of life and only comes when required. Spirits, Ghosts, Spectres, whatever do not need an invitation to enter the home. I will state that they can enter if someone left a “door” open for them as a minor disclaimer.

Pleasure post: Sampiro

I don’t really have much else to write about so i figured I’d do it on my favorite type of vampire, the Sampiro. Granted the reason its my favorite is for mainly superficial reasons. I’m also writing about since the only other source I’d heard of them came from Vampires: A field guide to the creatures that stalk the night.   Granted this might end up sparking another post for the history of vampires in brief, but I digress.

Going back to the superficial region of the above statement, it’s the description of the Sampiro that really struck out in my overactive imagination for how ridiculous it might look. Granted it strongly contrasted the eye candy illustration that accompanied it. What can loosely be called a base description of it’s appearance is that it’s cloaked in it’s burial shrouds, wears an imaginably uncomfortable pair of tall high heels threatening it’s balance, as well as large eyes that glow in the mist of night. Given that in the country of it’s origin, Albania, it’s appearance may vary but just slightly (pink zebra striped shrouds anyone?). In addition to what I find to be it’s amusing appearance it also puckers up giving it a kissy face. This is for the main reason that the poor dear is parched. Now just sit back a moment and close your eyes and take what’s been stated and imagine this in your head. One persons terror is another’s humor I suppose. The picture below gives a more kicking appearance though.

To continue on it could be arguable that it’s also the most considerate vampire. It only takes a few mouthfuls before leaving it’s “victim” be, though it is warned that more attention can cause fainting and possible fatality. Resulting from it’s feeding habit it appears to be more of a nuisance than any real form of threat. So in a way one could compare it to any ankle biter of the world.

Again given my only source is the book mentioned before I would consider this rather incomplete, but then again perhaps there’s nothing more to know about it. It’s a vampire where outside of it’s origin I find it has a hilarious appearance though if I were to run into one personally I’d might end up running from the Sampiro all the same.

Disclaimer: there are a few other sources on the internet relating to this type and if one would want more information go to them.