Response to First Contact

After Mr. Guerra linked me to their blog I’ve been trying to keep up with it but for the one about first contact I did get to thinking. The questions mentioned were more than likely rhetorical but I’m going to seek to answer them anyway.

The first question proposed is how religious zealots would behave when the ideals of their religion, whatever it may be, is challenged by the new presence of other intelligent beings.  The answer is simply that they would have something else to hate. Like with how gay love disturbs their precious idea of marriage the idea of life beyond us would disturb their ideal that we’re gods precious children and his only children. Not all think that I know but a good majority of them do. Think of it like when a small child becomes the older sibling and gains new responsibility over themself. They get less attention from the parent and grow to resent the newborn in the home. Given that it’s between separate interstellar, or possibly inter galactic, races the same kind of resentment still exists between said zealots and the new people coming to greet us. That’s one of the main billing calls of religion that we are “special”. When that is dashed they will just have something new to hate.

To the second one there will be a very deep split between the combined mentality of the masses. On one half more than likely there will be many mass suicides mainly sprouting out from cults that relate to these kind of things in nature and to sadly misinterpreting the signs will kill themselves in seeking ascension for their minds. That will probably hit close to home for many cults within the eye of the public but there are also minor and little known cults that would jump into the poison punch dripped fray. Outside of the cults there will many who might assume a soon to be war of the worlds to occur. If anyone recalls that during their English classes they know what happened during that broadcast.

The third question relates to if we’d finally hug each other in and realize our mistakes. I must have a very bleak view of my own species since I doubt if that would happen. Given that there will be many a man and woman more than happy to set aside their wrongs and those of others to forgive but there is a reason. These enviable people haven’t sipped from the cup that is called pride. Many people of this world wouldn’t describe themselves as prideful but it’s one of those things we are born with much as we try to ignore it. For this we’ll just work with how we think. When there’s something we believe and believe it strongly we ignore any proof to the contrary and/or deny it. If you’ve known any headstrong man or woman then you understand what I’m talking about.  Ones attitude can be changed but you need a hammer and pick to chip to change anothers beliefs.

Lastly they purposed the question of what they would think of us. Personally I think it’d be like an older sibling seeing the younger bang their head against the wall. No rhyme or reason to it, it’s just something the younger one does causing confusion to the older one. I doubt they’d even know what to do with us if the visitors were of the peaceful variety. They couldn’t give us any technology since we have a nasty habit of turning things meant for peace into weapons. In addition how could they face us when a majority would still be in fear and the rest wanting to desperately embrace them. I think an apt comparison would be like a boyfriend trying to compliment an extremely bipolar girlfriend. She could either take it and thank him with a hug or suspect him for the shadows of evil within her own mind and lash out. Either way he loses and so would they and then so would we for squandering a possible interstellar relations.

In short if they come down and I talk to them I’d be suggesting they go to another star cluster until we grow up a little more. Maybe five hundred years or so.

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4 thoughts on “Response to First Contact

  1. richardbyers says:

    this is an interesting post and one close to my heart as an astrophysics student and astronomer. i do not doubt for one second that there is other life in the universe- and more than that i believe it is in our very own solar system, likely under the ice of Europa, or perhaps in the methane environment of Titan.

    now the question comes of whether they would, and when they would come and visit us, i would like to direct you to an article on my blog that will interest you called ‘the fermi paradox, drake equation and the search for alien life’…this addresses some of the many possibilites of alien contact and why first contact has yet to be made.

    if we do make contact with a being from another planet, then rest assured they will actually look like gods to many, as given the amount of years it would take to get here at light speed (which relativistic physics says is not possible), it would take an enormous amount of time and resources to reach us with a small craft, let alone a mothership like is usually seen on TV

    to address the religious response directly, as an atheist i would probably agree with you, it would be yet more hate.

    another possibility that i have seen stated elsewhere is that the alien beings would be SO advanced (which as i have said they would have to be) that they would actually be mistaken for god/angels or whatever, by those who know no better- much like if you took a plasma tv back to medieval england.

    anyways- those are my thoughts

    • quizicalgin says:

      I’m very glad you’ve been giving me your thought’s. I’m just glad you even bothered to give my little blog a once over.

      To them getting here, if our scientists are figuring out how we can bend space through some of the loop holes in equations then no doubt any being that has already mastered it could visit us if they chose to. My only question is to why they would bother. Aside from resources I’d think that we’re a bit of a muddy backwater compared to what they’d have. Then again more things change the more they stay the same I suppose. Also another example for misunderstood technology, I remember something from Ancient Aliens (bare with me) where some tribes of the Pacific thought that the pilots were their ancestors. Said “ancestors” brought all types of goods with them and when all was said and done they left off for home. The tribes we a bit sad at this and have made straw planes in hopes of drawing them back. However I don’t really know how much of that is really true in the latter half or if History channel paid a group of natives to sit around a straw plane mock up.

      To the agreement on hate. Feh, we have too much of that already. *sigh*

      Again I’m very glad you took an interest in my blog and this post. To yours I’ll be taking a walk through that in a moment I just need to go to youtube and use minute physics to brush up so my mind won’t get blown away or something.

      • richardbyers says:

        dont worry- i really like this blog, its the right amount of skeptism and open-mindedness for me, and i hope you keep posting. also thanks for stopping by on my blog, i hope you enjoyed it.

        as for why they would come here, thats a very good question, and probably one worth considering. i think it was the group called SETI who are the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, the forefront of alien hunters employing scientists from around the world (and formerly the late, great Carl Sagan) beamed a message from earth officially announcing our prescence in the galaxy….now after this they came under a lot of fire from fellow scientists as they never asked the world leaders and so on what their say was on it, so they were seen as putting our world out there and perhaps putting it at risk from potential alien enemies and so on….the critics arguments were of course flawed as we have been announcing our prescence here for centuries….radio emmisions, nuclear weapons, satellites and so on….so if theyre out there- theyll already know…
        now im going off point here , but my point was that perhaps any potential visitors will not want us for such innocent purposes as sharing technoloy and resources….perhaps they want much more (cue ominous music haha)

        this all is slightly far fetched, but its fun to think about all the same. i have a knowledge of everything visible in the night sky from our vantage point on earth, and i can say i have never seen anything i could class as a UFO…some things certainly look strange,such as the beautiful iridium flares, merely sunlight off satelites, so its understandable where all these ufo sightings come from….though i do think that a small percentage remain unidentified (which are probably classifed government projects such as the stealth bomber several years ago)

      • quizicalgin says:

        I’m glad though I kind of find that funny since I’m a believer in most of the stuff I write about, haha. I also do intend to keep posting it’s just a matter of finding something to write about. I have plenty of research dug into the paranormal but for the possibility of extraterrestrial life my reading has been rather lacking in that respect. To your blog yes yes I did enjoy it though I had to re read a few bits here and there to made sure I absorbed the few tidbits you have up. You keep on writing too.

        Yes I believe it was on an episode of Ancient aliens where they put up a parallel of sorts. After all the only way to stay on top is to make sure the local “little brothers” don’t get any ideas. Something else I heard from it and has since become on of my favorite quotes when it comes to nuclear devices. In short “oh crap, the kids have found the matches”. The wanting us for more is a possibility though since there are supposed encounters with women being impregnated then having the fetus removed at a later date. Until they decide to come down though our speculations for the time being are neither here nor there.

        For UFO evidence the best we could hope for in the “purest” cases would be before we had flight and our lights blotted out the sky. I have a few favorites from that time too. Star man, Starchild skull, and one case I can’t recall the name but in short a lazer sky battle. The last one probably really wasn’t that but wouldn’t that have been cool to see during medieval era Europe. I will also say there was a time when the idea of “Area 51” bothered me. Mainly for being a young conspiracy theorist and thank heavens I grew out of that. So long as they keep things up to code I have no issues with what goes on there. Even in secret no one is above the law. *holds up cue card with laugh written on it*

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