For this post I decided to cover plesiosaurs, or more specifically their possible descendants. That means of course that this is about Nessy, Champ, Ogopogo and so on.

In the landlocked lakes that they are said to appear many things in their appearance remain the same. Long necks, bulky bodies, and the infamous flippers. Due to said appearance it has lead many people to believe that it’s a plesiosaur that, if it had the digits to, would be giving double fingers to extinction. Though aside from the numerous sightings there’s been very little to prove Champ and his/her cousins true. I don’t think it would be possible for something like it to have survived long passed the extinction. No one bring up the ceolocanth either that thing had armor protection and was prepared like an apocalyptic hillbilly.

Because of the below the crust likelihood that they still exist many dismiss the idea that they’re out there among other factors. There are a couple theories that relate to convergent evolution to try and explain the possible existence of them. For those whose biology classes didn’t cover it convergent evolution is where separate species develop similar traits. Birds and bats both developed themselves for flight as an example.

To apply it here there are many animals with long necks. Ostriches, storks, alpacas, llamas, tortoises, and some turtles. The last one is the only semi aquatic one in what I listed and there’s probably a lot more animals. To me though it seems the best candidate to have a relative living in at least one of the lakes where these types of creatures are reported. Some of these lakes are said to not even have enough fish to support them. What if the creature seen is a herbivore though? I know very well I’m not stating anything new but with a long neck they could easily reach any vegetation that happened to be near the shore if they already ate all of the algae. With the size of many of these lakes though that’d be a difficult feat to do.

For that being the last of what I can think to note with this post relating nothing to the dinosaur many thought it resembled. I leave everyone with a squid pranking the world.

Image, cragspics.blogspot ,


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