At one point or another for anyone digging into the supernatural doppelgangers have popped up. Sometimes there’s only a footnote and other times there can be a whole chapter or book dedicated to them. How we think of it today though is a mix between different and culture over time so the way one thinks of it depends on their belief system. A basic definition of a doppelganger could be along the lines of an apparent body double going about the routine of the day, long before the original is to show up in the current location.

Again with the different beliefs this can be varied. There is another tidbit of legend that claims if someone were to run into their doppelganger they would die on the spot. I kind of think of that like matter meeting anti matter and the two forms of the person cancel each other out. One would hope for such a unfortunate meeting to never occur. Then again if that were the case no one has survived to either deny or confirm it.

There is a lot speculated about why doppelgangers exist. Theories range from dimensions crossing boundaries to a time warp where our future self is seen by others. For some though all doppelgangers are, are spirits. There are several recorded instances where a body double will show up in the moment of the original’s death. This to me makes sense since when the original expires then their “double” appears among friends or family by that point it’s technically a ghost sending the last goodbye.

Given I don’t really know much on the doppelganger subject this is all I can write about now. I’ll see about adding onto this with additional research later. TTFN all.

Image snatching: No idea where it’s from. Anyone?


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