Ouija Boards

Yup here it is, the obligatory Ouija board post! This is obligatory mainly for the fact that when one thinks of ghosts and hauntings Ouija boards aren’t too far behind. Given to what I’ve seen with the boards this post will be minor history and big red warning saying “DO NOT USE”. To that effect I will not be using the “burn everything that isn’t Jesus” approach that many christian sects use.

Since before many of use can remember people have sought methods to speak to those that have left us behind. Seeing faces in smoke from a fire to saying the intended spirits name while staring into a mirror. Don’t start on the second one, that was around long before “Bloody” Mary ever showed up. Back to point people have tried to communicate with the departed. The big spike in communication occurred during the spiritualist movement in the late nineteenth century (late 1800’s-early 1900’s). The image above shows a form of automatic writing, where the people provide the energy for the spirit to write or draw what they wish to put across.

Like the key chain above, the original Ouija board was nothing more than a novelty. Something to amuse guests with while the butler hurriedly slapped together some cheese n’ crackers hor dourves. The people then didn’t tie anymore significance to it than we would a magic eight ball. During the first world war was when the board made it’s debut into the spirit realm and the tables of many spiritualist enthusiasts. It wasn’t long before Ouija gained a large chunk of the lime light of the supernatural. So much so that many movies and tv shows from the forties on have used it at one point or another, shoving it into the mainstream media.

Given it’s immense popularity it wasn’t long before people began bashing on the board. Christians deemed it a symbol of witchcraft (yeah right), The scientists (rightly) deemed it unscientific and the news people just over blew everything (like always). The christians are unfounded, the scientists are right, and the news can blow itself. But for all of this why did I put the words “DO NOT USE” in capitals? Because Murhpy’s law happens.

As in my “welcoming death into the home” post stated, one really cannot invite death into their home. However spirits can be invited. This is the main danger of the Ouija board. I’d like to think of a board as an old fashioned operator working the lines. If one asks for someone specifically the operator can line them up. But, if no one is specified then the operator just connects to anyone that can receive the call. This is where uninvited guests can come in since they were invited but not by name and without meaning to. Given the many ways that a doorway can be established I don’t think that the Ouija board is one. All it is is the operator not bothering to take the line down. As a result of that there have been many Ouija seances that didn’t exactly end well in the days afterward. While that is not always the case caution should still be used with it.

If it’s intended for a nights festivities to play with an Ouija board, do so safely. Get protection and if a professional with the board is available to use it with the party involved, please do.

Image snagging: stacyspielman.com, zazzle.com, can’t find source again


7 thoughts on “Ouija Boards

  1. bonnie says:

    14yrs ago I bought my daughter a board and playing around with it I was able to read it and the spirit of a bob was on it and he was mean I laugh it off but my husband threw the board out.We have alot of thing moved around

    • quizicalgin says:

      Ooooh boy, your husband shouldn’t have just tossed it. You might want to get someone into your home to bless and/or smudge it. You see tossing anything the spirit attached to it in some manner doesn’t always get rid of it and can just enrage it. How long ago was it tossed to your items being moved about?

  2. paranormal says:

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  3. sladow says:

    I wonder how much depends on the person–kids playing or a medium using it….

    • quizicalgin says:

      To my own opinion it matters greatly. An experienced medium that takes the topic seriously will know to use caution with the board. A group of teenage somethings doing it for a quick Halloween or spooky late night kick will just see it for what the board had originally been, a game. Without some form of precaution anything can happen. I do agree that it does largely depend on the parties involved though. Some kids are more responsible than others and some mediums are bull. For all the variables in the psyches that make us who we are it would have made the post far too long. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to make one. I’ll probably have to revisit this topic again later as a result though.

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