Few and many come in contact with these malevolent beings known as Hags.  Their generally described appearance is of a haggard old woman with a nasty case of bed head and bad finger nail grooming. They can be most often associated with nightmares. To explain that the origin of the nightmare revolves around a hag riding the body of a sleeping person as though they were a horse. It was thought at one time that the hags were actually witches coming to assault the people of the local village when they were most vunerable.

That’s not exactly how it went but the imagery works well enough to get the point across.  Moving on, the hag is an entity that a small percentage of people will encounter at least once in their life. They’d be getting off lucky if they were to have just one or two visits. In a manner of speaking the hag is an “energy vampire” literally sucking the life from it’s victims. Frequent visits may result in a fatality if the hag is not dealt with.

The symptoms of “Hag syndrome” include but are not limited too:  paralysis, the feeling of hands or a body pressing against ones own, and in some cases violent assault. Outside of the nighttime attacks a victim will display signs of sleep deprivation, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Note that not all symptoms will apply.

Going back a moment to dealing with hags it can be a rather difficult thing to do. Like with many spirits they can either be attached to the land and are actively trying to run off the intruders or they could be attached to their intended victim(s). Like I’ve suggested in other posts if it is believed that one is under siege by a spirit of ill intent contact the nearest paranormal group for assistance.

Additional note: Not all elderly appearing spirits can be related to the usual application Hag. They can be benevolent or just not really care one way or another.

Image and Video credits: Atomicthinktank.com, Arts.Uwaterloo.Ca, Moonraventales


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