Disposal of an Ouija board

Some time ago I remember spotting in top searches on how to rid oneself of an Ouija board. Mind you all I can post our “superstitious” methods and as to whether or not they truly work I cannot attest to. If anyone has a better method I can place up here then by all means, speak up.

Method One:

First break the board apart into seven pieces then you can either sprinkle holy water on the pieces and bury it. If one is unable wait for the holy water just sprinkle salt water on it. Personally upon burial I would dump in a canister of salt on top of it. Going back to the breaking bit, breaking the board is breaking the “vessel” for the spirit at the time. Think of it like breaking a vase, since a broken vase can hold no water.

Method Two:

This is less superstition and more giving it to responsible people. If there is a paranormal group within the area turn the board over to them for disposal if one is not very willing to do it on their own. Never EVER put the item up to an auction site to pass it off to someone else.

Method Three:

Burn it with fire, lots and lots of fire.

Note: for those truly superstitious about the board it is ill advised for reasons of bad luck upon the former user. I wouldn’t worry too much about it since one could easily get a charm to ward it off.

Method Four:

If the disposal is because the hunk of wood is just gathering dust, rather than a paranormal disturbance it can go one of three ways. A) Give it to a friend that likes to have paranormal paraphernalia but not use them. B) Give it to Goodwill. C) If none of the above are palatable just chuck it in the bin.

Important message! I would just like to remind everyone that the board as we know it today was created as a toy. Something to keep people occupied like hangman, or mad libs. Though it’s ties to the paranormal are now permanently bound it was never meant as a contact device for any one or thing. Again the above methods are part superstition so it’s be a good idea to go to someone else for a second opinion.


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