But I swear it’s not me! Another children and the paranormal post

I’ve already done a post relating to children and the paranormal, but last night’s episode of Paranormal Witness struck another chord. If you’ve ever seen “A Haunting in Connecticut” from the Discovery channel its a more detailed retelling of that. To cut into what struck me is how when a lot of stories relating to children and the paranormal, why the hell does the parent ignore it. I know the mother knows her mistake now but when something truly, and I mean truly, bothers a child its the parents responsibility to battle back the shadows. I don’t care if it only turns out to be a really ominous jacket or a lump of toys that look like a monster.

Don’t get me wrong here. For the last statement above I know that that’s a portion to why parents don’t take it seriously. Children do have imaginations and can run away with said imagination. The only thing is when there are things beyond a child’s imagination why still ascribe what they see to it? Not all children are into history or violent related subjects, if anything most children would like to avoid the latter. So why is it that when they tell their parents of seeing other people in period dress or bloodied or worse that its just “something they saw on tv”.  If this infuriates me so much I can only imagine how truly frustrated the children feel.

Imagine being a child again and how everything in the dark would turn frightening. The smallest shadow would send pure terror into the core of ones soul. Now take it one more step and tell the parent/guardian what’s been seen. When first told they might brush it off and might even entertain what it might be just to humor the child.  Next few times it bothers them a little bit too and they start prodding the closet to set minds at ease. After the next few times they might grow irritated at the continued information of what the child sees and would soon regulate it to wanting attention. For some parents a little attention showering later, they grow more irritated since they’d see no reason for the child to harp on. At this stage it’s probable that if it is a paranormal, happening things go missing. Result of this is further infuriated parents, demanding items back for which the child had no assistance in there abscontion (hence the title ). Past that point there are many ways it could go depending on the children and parents involved.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m not a parent yet myself when it comes to children. I grew up believing that parents were a child’s knights in shining armor, slashing back the darkness with their imaginary swords. When I was a child things crossed my vision that bothered me as well, I just never told my parents. I couldn’t really tell them though even if I wanted to, but this subject isn’t about me. It also leads me to another one which I’ll need to write about at a later date. Subject in question is about children with mental handicaps and how to deal with them and their purposed encounters. If the average children have difficulty with it I don’t dare imagine the amount of fear and confusion they would feel. Again though, a topic for another time.

To make a small summary of this if something bothers the children take them seriously. I honestly cannot stretch that enough. Even if what they see is just a shadow and only that their fears and feelings should be taken into account. No one wants their child to feel insecure, untrusted, and troublesome for things beyond their control.

Image Credit: Profilingtheunexplained.com, Ghosthuntingtheories.com


6 thoughts on “But I swear it’s not me! Another children and the paranormal post

  1. richardbyers says:

    true, and of course this has its backgrounds in psychological meaning – i dont know if youve heard of Mary Ainsworth and the ‘strange situation’ but she did a test to see how much attention i child recieved from their mother affected their reaction upon said mother leaving the child by themselves and returning…i cant recall the exact results but it came back to that age old question of ‘how much attention is healthy?’

    if you leave these imaginings or whatever they may be, then the child is trapped in terror, if you keep drawing too much attention (and by ‘too’ much i mean alot here) to the matter they may become obsessed with it.

    I suffer from OCD and can vouch for the terror of problematic thoughts entering my mind and not leaving, and while i take a scientific approach to life and my studies, and am a pure skeptic in all paranormal matters, i can certainly feel for those who fear from something they know or even think is there.


    • quizicalgin says:

      No I hadn’t heard of that but that is certainly fascinating to hear about. I can understand how too much attention to a fault can harm a child’s development giving them “golden child” syndrome aka poor preparations for real life past child hood. Though if I may my main point of this post and of “Children and the Paranormal” was me trying to get across the point that if the kids are so terrified, there’s nothing wrong with humoring them if just a little bit. If I had kids I’d start pulling out the cardboard sword to fight the “monsters” or make them a plush and claim it’ll eat other monsters and keep them safe while they sleep. Just to give the child some comfort but not enough to the point where they’d fall back on it as an attention grab.

      Off topic to your skeptic statement that’s the one things skeptics and believers alike have in common. We’ve all felt fear and for the want to have security after whatever traumas have haunted us.

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    • quizicalgin says:

      Seriously? There should be a widget off to the side that should allow you to follow this. It’s above the “neatening the mess” one. Just enter your email there then click “clickies”. If you still can’t well I guess I’ll be doing some digging tonight.

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