Ok ok queue up people calling me a liar, but in my giddiness for the holiday I thought a post about the Jack-o-lanterns was perfect to do.

The topic in question then? How we came to have Jack-o-Lanterns! Yes those wonderful pumpkins people hack up in a gourd based version of the chainsaw massacre. Carving, slicing, and scooping out their “brains” just to have another decoration on the front porch is a tradition for many people across the country and a few international boundaries as well. Why is it a tradition though? Skipping the Halloween origin story, since you can find that on any site, the story of the Jack-o-Lantern is nearly as old Halloween itself.

Now the folk lore following it varies from person to person but the short skit goes like this. The main character is a farmer named Jack and in one form or another he tricks the devil causing him to be trapped. Jack only agrees to let him go if the devil promised not to claim Jack’s soul when he died. The devil begrudgingly agrees and he is set free. Years later Jack does eventually die but he is left in a dilemma, that is he can’t go to heaven. Why is this? Well apparently he was a stingy son of a she-dog to the fault of sin (I’m guessing) and had a penchant for having sticky hands, for those heaven will not take him. The devil, being a man of his word, won’t take him either. This leaves Jack exasperated and he cries out “well how am I going to see where I’m going to go!?”.  Apparently the after life doesn’t have a light switch, but anyway the devil flicked an ember from hell at Jack saying that that would never burn out and that would be his last favor. Jack grabbed a turnip left over from his farm and carved it out to place the ember inside. With a dim light emanating from the turnip Jack now wanders the earth to find a place to rest. After that he was called Jack of the lantern oooooor Jack-o-Lantern. Fives bucks he found someplace tropical and said “this’ll do”.

Story aside as the years went by people found it easier to carve pumpkins than turnips. That or there was a turnip shortage with a surplus of pumpkins, but either way we usually carve out pumpkins today. For the superstitious among us it is also thought that the food based lanterns can ward off evil spirits, the undead, and vampires. How the last two work is beyond me. I’d think zombies would be attracted to light and I don’t think a jack-o-lantern is an apt sun light replicator.

Smart Alecness aside a fun tradition that comes with free roasted seeds that come post baked.


Nonsensical post take two!

This post is mainly to inform anyone that happens to follow my lil’ blip on the internet that I will not be doing a post for Halloween. Somehow there’s something sacrilegious about a paranormal blog not doing a post about Halloween….

Anyway as stated I won’t do anything for it, at least here. I’m dressing up as a gypsy with some mix and match stuff from my closet and going to watch “Orca” with my cousin. Which reminds me I should go check the newest Shlocktober if it’s out. Before i lose my train of thought any further, from Mr.Byers I have another topic namely the *goes back to read comments* Solway Spaceman. It’s about a “space man” that appeared mostly. I’ll dig into that further later.

Now my problem is I’ve semi run out of things to type about. Well more like the top of my brain is empty and I can’t get the false bottom out of it. If anyone has a topic they’d like typed up I’m more than open to suggestions. Nothing on the MIB though since I’m a paranoid skit. Excluding my skimpy references to them that is.

Now I leave everyone with one of my doodles because I can and because I have nothing else better to fill this otherwise picture-less void of a post with.  I bid everyone a happy and safe Halloween, any kids close enough to the coast carry wind proof umbrellas with you!

*takes pole and fishes*

Black eyed kids or a peek into BEK’s

This is a topic mentioned to me by a Mr.Byers. After my topic on Mothman he asked if I had anything on black eyed children. A little perplexed I asked him about it he gave me a link to ufodigest to read on for myself. This is what I’ve learned as well as connecting the dots in my head.

For anyone that has seen the Ju-on* movies will be familiar with the appearance of a BEK, though I don’t believe they’re purely just spirit related. My reason for saying this is that the BEK’s strongly remind me of some books on the paranormal my dad has. When I was little, about six or seven, he’d let me read them and I devoured the information. Due to my limited reading capacity at the time I could only read so much, but there was a passage that stuck with me the most. Don’t worry this anecdote is almost over. The passage in question involved the so called MIB and people that have had them visit into their home. The “guests” would put the home owner in a state of unease in their presence as well as showing ignorance to everyday household items. The reports in the book also stated they were deathly pale and appeared to be wearing make up in an attempt to mimic a more normal appearance. From this between the BEK’s and MIB reported in the book(s) a couple parallels can be drawn.

A) Both appear to be ordinary humans at first. There is a sense of unease about them but until we place our finger on what’s wrong we might ignore it. With the BEK’s it’s when it’s realized their eyes are pitch black, cornea and all. The MIB, depending on who it is (there have to be some human ones in the ranks after all), may show an ignorance of common items or while try to mimic our behaviors but do so in jerky or mechanical way, again creating a sense of unease.

B) A sense of urgency in both. For the BEK’s they attempt to try and enter ones home or vehicle. The reason for such will vary on the situation but the longer they are denied entry the more urgent they become. For the MIB the urgency is in secrecy. Again the situation will vary but the usual cause for their appearance is to enforce some level of secrecy even going so far as to threaten the individuals in question at the time.

To the BEK’s, a connection to them and “classical” vampires can be drawn via the needing an invitation. For me that connection just isn’t there. I’m more inclined to think that they’re more than likely related in some form to extraterrestrials. They tend to pop up around evening and later, much like most ufo sightings. They also have the dark eyes which, for anyone that is familiar with the stereotypical “greys” appearance,  can see similarities there. Perhaps the BEK’s are in disguise to act as scouts for potential marks and for whatever reason they still need their eyes exposed. In to the artical linked below it is stated perhaps the fear they instill in us is sourced to their eyes. Mayhaps if their disguise covered them it would act in a similar way to why they don’t wear sunglasses to cover the unsettling feature. They need us to see their eyes.

However there is one small problem with the BEK’s, or rather the sightings of them. Like many possible spectres of the paranormal, e.t. or spirit,  they fall prey to Hoaxitis. One I’m sure everyone knows of is the famous picture of nessie that turned out to be a modified toy sub. While it lasted it was grand, but once it was shown false the skeptics had many an “I told you so” to rub in. Unless someone has a security camera the time the BEK, or anything else for that matter, comes knocking there will be no real evidence to validate the experience. To make matters worse we are the easiest ones to convince when it comes to something we believe. There was an episode of the Unexplained that put that point across nicely. If everyone will allow me to ramble again the study they performed went as such:

They took a group of people out by some caution tape. Said tape was supposed to be guarding off a fake ufo crash sight. They then took their group and asked them what they saw. Needless to say a majority of the group had fabricated something in their minds, all without meaning to. Their study being a test on the mind and how time affects memory they repeated the questions to the group sixth months later. The earlier fabrications now almost wildly different from before. One of them even stated the fake MP’s there pointed guns at them even though the group hadn’t even gotten anywhere near them to see them.

Now then the point to the secondary anecdote. A portion of all sightings are fake in one form or another. Whether an unintended creation of our own mind or a hoax played on us, we have to accept some aren’t real. I don’t doubt that BEK’s exist just that there is cause to believe that some sightings aren’t credible. That can be said till were all blue in the face though it would change few peoples minds. In the words of my former communications teacher, it’s easier to change someones attitude than it is to change ones beliefs.

Now then, I leave everyone with one last BEK picture because I wanted to shove it in somewhere. I’m off to go read up more information.

Credits : Ju-on the curse,  Spectrumville.net, Mysteriousuniverse.org, and information via http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0806/bek2.html

* The Ju-on movies are the original Japanese “grudge” movies that the American versions were based off of.


Ah finally time for the Mothman post. Though I will warn everyone that it will be a rather brief post. Why is this? Well there isn’t really an entire lot to be said about this insanely elusive cryptid. Outside of its appearances and its possible connections there isn’t much to write about. If anyone wants to read reports on it just go to Google and do some skimming. With that out of the way lets get started.

Mothman, as I learned about him from the Weird travels program long long ago in a galaxy far far away, is a cryptid with a penchant for being a harbinger of doom. The last bit is due to a disastrous event involving a bridge in Point Pleasant West Virginia, for there were many sightings of the creature leading up to the collapse. Many for that reason believed it was just the messenger, while some prefer to believe that it was the cause of it. Either way both theories on that are neither here nor there. After all a cat waved it’s paw and now everyone can find Maneneko statues everywhere in Japan just about. Though if either one was true I’d certainly hope that it was the former that held true.

If one were to visit Point Pleasant they might find some people to be tight lipped about it. I recall one woman that was interviewed stating she was afraid to talk about it that “it might bring it back”. At the time I thought that sentiment to be absolutely ridiculous. The cryptid isn’t the creature from the “Don’t think about it” goosebumps Halloween special. Going for a moment onto the creatures appearance according to reports it was as large or larger than a man, large glowing eyes, and an expansive wing span. Certainly not the thing, but it would haunt ones nightmares for a while I could imagine. With that processed it’s no wonder many of the locals were afraid of it even long after it supposedly vanished.

“Supposedly? What do you mean by that?”.  What I mean is there have been other sightings of it outside of Point pleasant. Of course it has possibly been referred to under separate names. The main one I know of is that of Owlman. It’s “sister” cryptid was spotted in Mawnan Cornwall. Like the Mothman it was seen and/or heard for a period of time and supposed encounters going on past the original reports. Main reason I say supposed is because at this point a majority of encounters could either be hoaxes or misidentification. There’s even a festival for Mothman now so to have more encounters would spur it on and people with a thing for pranks. I’m not trying to bash any credibility on anyone here but if the initial encounters were real I believe Mothman has long since moved on and that Point Pleasant has gone taken the same approach a South Carolina town did Lizard man.

To add to it’s lack of credibility at this time is that apparently people have terrible depth perception at night. The bright glowing eyes of the moth man could have been those of an owl.  With large wing spans in some of them it doesn’t take much to stretch the imagination just a little bit.Good luck trying to tell that to anyone that saw the creature though. I would believe myself over any skeptic had I seen it myself (while running in the opposite direction).

With that note on my cowardice I’ll leave everyone to think or go on to where it is they go.

Images: Point Pleasant, Mosterpedia


Simple and to the point title. I’m going to type on about abductions to impart what knowledge I have for them out. For anyone that experiences these first hand please take no offense sense I can only write about what I know and the theories regarding them. With that out of the way let’s get started.

For anyone that may not know, abductions are considered the fourth kind of encounter. “fourth? what do you mean?” Since the early seventies the people that study these types of encounters ( aka Ufologists ) have had them categorized this way. Kind of like the one I made up for spirits but far more organized. It’s been a while since I read them and probably will need addons later. What I can remember is as follows;

First: Hearing about or encountering sightings of supposed UFOs. The most common of them reported.

Second: Evidence. When UFOs come to earth they can sometimes leave behind traces of their visit. From hydrophobic dirt rings to flour spread out on tinfoil in a closet.

Third: Contact. This and the fourth I would think to go hand in hand though that’s just me speculating. There was a creature sighting in West Virginia that follows under this category. No I don’t mean Mothman.

Fourth: Lastly abduction itself. Depending on who you ask the poor souls that endure this are either lucky for being “chosen” or extremely unfortunate for the trauma they have had to experience.

I haven’t been able to experience any of the above save for the first. From what I can understand though most of those that have been abducted found it, as stated before, traumatizing. I’d find it that way too given some of the descriptions that I’ve read. Going from that some encounters seem to be entirely at random. Others have recorded history within their family of abductions, where their parents or grandparents had been previously abducted as well. With this I can only imagine what they may mentally suffer through. I’d like everyone to imagine for a moment a scenario of abduction. Taken aboard a craft against ones will either by implanted suggestion or force. Made to lay on a cold metal slab as experiments were performed while awake. All those horror stories of having surgery performed on ones body under failed anesthetic come true under the ship’s surgical lights. It’s no wonder some only remember such terror under hypnosis.

Now don’t get me wrong here, there have been plenty of positive encounters as well. Reports have had some people state they had a “tender” fourth encounter. Others a tour of the ship and perhaps a quick look at earth from above to make them unofficial astronauts. Some have reported even being allowed to operate the ships as well, though I hope that the aliens were just humoring them and had the ship on auto pilot the whole time. Well sorry but a good majority of people are just terrible drivers. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be the alien responsible for not watching the human as they crashed, then have to explain to the MIB why that little f.u.b.a.r. happened.

With the encounters out of the way the skeptics have field days with this topic. Why is this? Some encounters can be tied to sleep disorders. Why do they say this? Because a lot of supposed encounters occur at night when we’re in our comfy cozy beds. Sleep paralysis as it sounds keeps the body still during sleep and why we don’t (normally) roll off our beds in the night. When combined with waking dreams however it can be a rather frightening moment of its own. Only thing is depending on ones mental state the monsters in our own minds are far worse than what can happen with the aliens. Though if I might I don’t entirely agree with the theory though. As just stated our own personal demons can torture us far worse in my own opinion. Then again I get chased around by skeletal zombies in my dreams.

To me this is another topic that needs more than a generalization and I can only put in a small portion of material on it. Like bobbie and spirits its one of those things that will need a re visitation at a later date.

Pictures: Fourth encounter poster, ufo-aliens.co.uk , video shown on fact or faked and do not recall original source

Connection between Aliens and Bobbie?

To recap bobbie is what I call bigfoot because I’m just tired of bigfoot and seeing it so much. Adding something new to the pool is all I’m doing. Now then onto the topic at hand, which is the relation between aliens and bobbies. My attention for this topic was nabbed when I saw the newest episode of Ancient Aliens. To be really honest some of their theories are becoming so stretched they beat most size queens. A rather nasty mental image though it gets my point across and my sentiment towards the theory.

The idea that Bobbie is the alien is completely absurd to me. Don’t get me wrong I love Wookies and have nothing against them, but the idea of Bobbies being a real life counter part on earth? I’d much rather believe that we’re the aliens instead. On top of that if there is a correlation between the two I’d liken it to being more along the cow deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were taking them and just setting them back down but keeping them in the shape they found them. After all the best way to see how something ticks is to take it apart.

“Why would they put Bobby back in one piece?” Some might ask, “If it does exist it’s just an animal right?” . To this I would put a yes and no. Yes, since it technically is an animal as much as we are. For the “No”, why wouldn’t they just be another animal? Why don’t they just leave Bobbie corpses all over the place like they do with cows and horses? To this effect I believe there to be a very simple answer. They’re rare. Yes yes, I know given that it’s blatantly obvious but that’s the only thing I can come to logically.

Lets take a moment to side track so I can explain it better. When we, as humans, capture an animal there are several things we can do with it. We can:

A: Kill it. This option is usually for very common animals either for food or population control.

B: Use it as a test subject. There are many animals with some parts of them close enough to our own that we can perform tests on them to see how it could possibly work on humans. Thankfully this is slowly but surely going out of style with many products outside the medical profession ( ey we still need the pig valves for a little while )

C: Study and release. Self explanatory here for the most part. We catch animals to study, tag, then release upon the study’s completion. Said tags can assist in further research later.

D: Breeding. Outside of animal mills this is usually done for species preservation. Several pairs are caught then bred in captivity. With some species it’s possible to release the offspring back to the wild in hopes of bringing back the population.

Returning to Bobbie I think that B and C apply to them as much as it does to us.  However while we’re are plentiful, there is evidence highly suggestive of Bobbies being in so few in terms of numbers. This is the most probable reason they have been seen together. Bobbies are no aliens they’re just as much a test subject as we are. They just happen to be spotted pre/post abduction.

Mind everyone these are just my thoughts on this theory. Perhaps after this small read they can be among everyone else’s too.

Images: Paranormal portals.com ,  Koipondsandgardens.com

Pleasure and Nonsensical post: It’s October!

Aaaah October, every time this month comes around I feel like I’ve slipped into a comfy and well worn pair of pants. Well known for many children’s favorite free candy day of Halloween and not so well known as my birth month. The second of those is unimportant I just wanted to add it in.  This will also not be a post about Halloween either since there’s numerous pages upon pages about it in analog and digital formats alike. It’s just me rambling on about post ideas so feel free to ignore it.

First one I plan to get up this month is from the recent episode of Ancient Aliens. The relation between them and bobbies* seems attached by gum and dirt. I’d rather believe that we’re the aliens rather than bobbies being so. This should be up within the week procrastination shoved aside.

The next one would be a peek at abductions. This includes but will not be limited to: Theories as to why, Why would they want us for anything, and why we probably do not have solid evidence. May include a brief statement about the men in black.

Lastly I’ll try my hand at a post about Mothman and possible relation to the Owlman. Who knows perhaps they really are just harbingers of doom without being the cause.

When I get the chance I will be posting these up and will space them out now that I have use of the schedule function. To the main function of this blog if there’s anything anyone would like to know about or see me write on just ask. After all in a small recap I did make this to provide information to those searching for it. In the mean time I’m off to plan and prepare festivities.

Pictures: Paranormalportal.com, Alien-abductions.com, Point pleasant WV