Connection between Aliens and Bobbie?

To recap bobbie is what I call bigfoot because I’m just tired of bigfoot and seeing it so much. Adding something new to the pool is all I’m doing. Now then onto the topic at hand, which is the relation between aliens and bobbies. My attention for this topic was nabbed when I saw the newest episode of Ancient Aliens. To be really honest some of their theories are becoming so stretched they beat most size queens. A rather nasty mental image though it gets my point across and my sentiment towards the theory.

The idea that Bobbie is the alien is completely absurd to me. Don’t get me wrong I love Wookies and have nothing against them, but the idea of Bobbies being a real life counter part on earth? I’d much rather believe that we’re the aliens instead. On top of that if there is a correlation between the two I’d liken it to being more along the cow deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were taking them and just setting them back down but keeping them in the shape they found them. After all the best way to see how something ticks is to take it apart.

“Why would they put Bobby back in one piece?” Some might ask, “If it does exist it’s just an animal right?” . To this I would put a yes and no. Yes, since it technically is an animal as much as we are. For the “No”, why wouldn’t they just be another animal? Why don’t they just leave Bobbie corpses all over the place like they do with cows and horses? To this effect I believe there to be a very simple answer. They’re rare. Yes yes, I know given that it’s blatantly obvious but that’s the only thing I can come to logically.

Lets take a moment to side track so I can explain it better. When we, as humans, capture an animal there are several things we can do with it. We can:

A: Kill it. This option is usually for very common animals either for food or population control.

B: Use it as a test subject. There are many animals with some parts of them close enough to our own that we can perform tests on them to see how it could possibly work on humans. Thankfully this is slowly but surely going out of style with many products outside the medical profession ( ey we still need the pig valves for a little while )

C: Study and release. Self explanatory here for the most part. We catch animals to study, tag, then release upon the study’s completion. Said tags can assist in further research later.

D: Breeding. Outside of animal mills this is usually done for species preservation. Several pairs are caught then bred in captivity. With some species it’s possible to release the offspring back to the wild in hopes of bringing back the population.

Returning to Bobbie I think that B and C apply to them as much as it does to us.  However while we’re are plentiful, there is evidence highly suggestive of Bobbies being in so few in terms of numbers. This is the most probable reason they have been seen together. Bobbies are no aliens they’re just as much a test subject as we are. They just happen to be spotted pre/post abduction.

Mind everyone these are just my thoughts on this theory. Perhaps after this small read they can be among everyone else’s too.

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2 thoughts on “Connection between Aliens and Bobbie?

  1. sims 3 says:

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for info about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?

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