Nonsensical post take two!

This post is mainly to inform anyone that happens to follow my lil’ blip on the internet that I will not be doing a post for Halloween. Somehow there’s something sacrilegious about a paranormal blog not doing a post about Halloween….

Anyway as stated I won’t do anything for it, at least here. I’m dressing up as a gypsy with some mix and match stuff from my closet and going to watch “Orca” with my cousin. Which reminds me I should go check the newest Shlocktober if it’s out. Before i lose my train of thought any further, from Mr.Byers I have another topic namely the *goes back to read comments* Solway Spaceman. It’s about a “space man” that appeared mostly. I’ll dig into that further later.

Now my problem is I’ve semi run out of things to type about. Well more like the top of my brain is empty and I can’t get the false bottom out of it. If anyone has a topic they’d like typed up I’m more than open to suggestions. Nothing on the MIB though since I’m a paranoid skit. Excluding my skimpy references to them that is.

Now I leave everyone with one of my doodles because I can and because I have nothing else better to fill this otherwise picture-less void of a post with.  I bid everyone a happy and safe Halloween, any kids close enough to the coast carry wind proof umbrellas with you!

*takes pole and fishes*


4 thoughts on “Nonsensical post take two!

  1. richardbyers says:

    firstly nice doodle and may i wish you a happy halloween.
    secondly i would like to share a story with you, one of my own experiences that neatly leads onto a topic that, as a physicist, is of great interest to me- time. i have commented alot on your posts and my memory is terrible so if i have told this one already then please say.

    Let me set the scene….on the border of where i grew up there is a massive abandoned WW2 ammunitions facility. I mean the entire complex is dozens of square miles, entirely fenced off and used to be patroled and guarded…even after the war due to asbestos and possible buried bombs and so on.

    You cant go in, but a few years back a bus took people in for a tour and i was on the bus. I got a look round the place and i admit it was a little creepy. There were bunkers and machines- all pretty much untouched since it was abandoned (i think it was in use a few decades after 1945).

    There was also a rail road that ran to the docks about 15 miles away which was used to transport ammunition.

    So anyways, one day i was walking my dog beside the boundary next to the fence…the outside is as creepy as the inside by the way- all demolished houses grown over- a perfect place for blair witch 3.

    It was misty (sterotypical i know) so i couldnt see more than perhaps 20 feet which meant i couldnt see much into the complex over the fence.

    Then i started hearing something very faintly….the click clack of a train over tracks. Now i thought this was me mis hearing as one would, but after about 10 seconds it got very obvious and clear- it was indeed unmistakable- the sound of a train.

    If i was still in any doubt what happened next but all doubts out of my head…..what i heard was close to me- a train horn. It was certainly not a car or anything else, but a train.

    After about 20 seconds of this it faded. Now, as i say on my other posts i am a skeptic, but i wasnt then and this was something that i have thought about a lot.

    So here are my thoughts on the possibilites.

    The skeptics view- The nearest train track is around 6 miles away. Can you hear a train clearly on the tracks from that distance? Im not sure, but im not talking about large freight trains, the ones on that track are small passenger ones that are about 2 cars long. Also i live about 1 mile from a track now of similar size and i can see them pass from my window- i cannot hear them outside.

    As a skeptic i would say that my perception of distance was literally ‘fogged’ up by the mist, and it was so quiet at the time that i mistook how loud it was.

    Just for fun though here is an alternate theory:

    Time Slip- As a physicist i know that time is not as fixed as we percieve. Einstein’s relativity shows that time is a phenomenon that depends on other factors like mass. For instance it slows down and stops completely in a black hole. Also clocks run differently on an spacecraft over the earth compared to here on the ground (this has been proven). If you imagine astronauts travelling into space at great speed for a couple of decades they would have aged less when they return to earth than those who remained here.

    So this all begs the question of if time travel or time slips are possible. Did i momentarily experience an event from decades ago? Is this what happens when people say to see ghosts…..are they merely seeing something akin to a tape played over and over?

    If i was to believe any theory for the existance of ghosts, as an atheist i have always preferred this explanation rather than the spirits of dead people.

    I hope you have enjoyed my story

    • quizicalgin says:

      That is a rather fascinating story in of itself. Mayhaps if you can look at train logs you can get confirmation if anything else was running on that day. I’ve never heard a passenger train horn myself though. I live in a train hub of a city but we rarely have passenger trains, if ever at all. So maybe it was maybe it wasn’t that track six miles off I couldn’t tell you.

      To the time slip that is interesting to ponder for just the idea of it being the case. And if it wasn’t a slip as you said it possibly could have been a residual haunt. Though how a train can leave behind enough “life residue” to cause such an effect is beyond me. Going back to the time slips I do believe that these occur due to many reports relating to them having occurred. Besides if they did occur in my head it kinda tips in favor of folding space time to shorten travel distances in space since they are both pieces of space time. Then again I’m on limited sleep and I might be muddling it in my head.

      Conclusion: One more topic for me to scribble on about so I thank you for that and the compliment on the doodle. Happy Halloween and make sure to light your Jack-o-lanterns if you have them!

  2. Helllooooooo
    Sorry for being soo late!
    Wanted to let you know I love this kind of stuff and I shall be trying to read as much as I can.
    A gypsy sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to be one of those for halloween. Try to guess what I am going to be. It’s in my username (that leaves it at either a panda or a muffin..)
    …YOU DREW THAT!? THAT IS AMAAAZING! So skilled! Bah. I wish I could draw like that. I love to paint but I am definitely not good at drawing people. I prefer to draw animals or scenery because I cannot do much else 😛
    Have a lovely day (and halloween!)

    • quizicalgin says:

      Well huzzah for having you read my tidbits here to, haha. Yeah a gypsy was the plan but I woke up late had to grab what I could to get dressed. I was a lazy ghost instead. I’m guessing a panda, hehe.

      Yes yes I did draw it and the star child skull post is to blame for that too. I thought about that type of twin surviving past birth and there it fell out onto my paper. At least you can do animals and scenery I still need to work on those, desperately so.

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