Solway Spaceman

Bah it took me a while to get around to writing on this one. Hopefully I can be forgiven for my procrastination.  Now then this was another topic suggested to me by Mr.Byers.

The Solway Spaceman, a.k.a. Cumberland Spaceman, is a photograph taken in the 1960’s by a Jim Templeton while trying to take pictures of his daughter. Now when I first looked at the picture I had one thought. “If this is real it’s the first instance of E.T. photo-bombing”, My brain spouted out.

Taking a look at the picture can anyone blame me? Seeing it, it looks like an average sunny day with a little girl clutching a fistful of freshly picked flowers, then some random man had to stop by and just be out of place in it. According to Mr.Templeton the strange figure in the image was not there during the period of time that the picture was taken. However He and his wife both reported that there seemed to be an aura in the air along with an electric charge. Aside from that though it was a perfectly normal day. The “spaceman” was only discovered in the picture after development. There being a stranger in the picture isn’t the only strange thing though.

Kodak, the folks that developed the images, sent the image to some of their experts to take a look. They couldn’t find anything to prove that the image was a fallacy. Throwing their hands up, Kodak offered a monetary reward to anyone that could provide an answer to the supposed mystery. Even the police were involved in the matter. The chief at the time merely calling it as one of those freak accidents that happen. It seemeed that someone didn’t think along the same lines. Some weeks later Mr.Templeton had visitors from the MIB, or at least was thought to be the MIB.  Garbed in their usual attire and bizarre behavior, they drilled Mr.Templeton about the picture and the conditions of the day leading up to it. They also tried to get him to admit that he had faked the image in some manner. After being unsuccessful in getting him to admit 2+2=5 they dumped him off, leaving him to walk five miles to get back home.

Excusing the poor reference it does leave one to wonder about it. Why was that man only there in the developed picture? Why did the MIB seems to care and even worry about an image that didn’t really bother anyone else? Why does the spaceman have to be a man? Ok lame last question but the other two still stand.

To be honest I don’t really have too much to say on this. There is the possibility that it’s fake and he just had someone else stand behind his daughter, or it’s real and it was a dimensional visitor from across the planes of existance. It’s one of those old cases were it can’t really be said for certain. As the years pass by, so do the people that had been associated with it.  While the rest of us move on to the future the Solway spaceman seems to be one of those that will be stuck in time as an oddity. Unless of course, said spaceman decides to pop up again.

Image: Jim Templeton


Wandering Spirits

Now some might be wondering the meaning of the title. “Spirits remained tethered to where they died or where their body rests don’t they?”‘ one may ask. This is not always the case with some spirits. For some that do remain in one local it is mainly for the same reasons things hold us back in our life. One’s family could definitely be a tie, denial of whatever trauma might have caused it, or they’re afraid to move beyond their last known place of comfort. But for a few spectres that roam the back roads and forests of the world they seek to travel, in much a similar way to Jack from the last post.

To use an example, on one of the many variety hour haunting hour shows on several moons ago that made mention to Mad Anthony. Now if I may, His full military title was Brigadier General Anthony Wayne and he served during the Revolutionary war. He got the “mad” monicker for his military maneuvers and temperament. Moving on with the story though, after living a full life he finally died and was buried. However his family wanted him to be buried at home and wanted him dug back up. His son and an under taker I believe  came to do the task. They faced a problem when they discovered he hadn’t decayed as much as they though he would have. Leaving out what they did to his body they bundled up his newly cleaned bones in the back of a cart then headed off to home. Upon arriving home, much to their horror, they realized the generals bundle had come undone and they had strewn his father’s bones across the country side. Gathering what was left of him they placed him in his new coffin best they could and had a new burial ceremony. This is where the wandering spirit bit kicks in. See poor ol’ Anthony must have had just enough of himself left to roll in his grave at having his body strewn about. Supposedly you can see his spirit, as a floating dismembered body naturally, searching the back roads for his bones and doing his best to piece himself back together.I suppose it’s an unspoken rule for the dead to rest in peace metaphorically and physically.

Now I don’t want anyone to quote me on this story since it’s been a rather long time since I saw the segment that featured it. I just wanted to use General Wayne since I find him a better example than the myriad of  urban legends out there. The point being that spirits can wander about if they see a fit enough reason to. Not all of them are searching for their bones though. Some spirits wander because they feel they have no where to go. Thinking they can’t go back and no idea of how to go forward they are left with nothing but the world to trek.

For the above this leads me to one conclusion, that nearly all wandering spirits are aware in some form that they’re no longer living. It could lead one to wonder if it happens in a sixth sense sort of manner, where they’re given subtle hints as they move on. This isn’t to say that some spirits that are tethered don’t know that they’re dead. Many a psychic could tell anyone of a spirit they’d met that were aware of that fact, but just chose not to leave. Again as before there’s many reasons as to why a spirit would choose to remain in one of their last “living haunts”. I’d like to think some of them are just remaining where they were last happy, but I already know that isn’t the case for a majority of them. Watching any variety hour or reading any paranormal book drives the point in with a numatic drill.

They can range from small children to the elderly like most other spectres and could be seeking help in their traveling. After all when we’re exasperated with no idea what to do we seek help yes? This is what many of them may be trying to do in their travels, since if help won’t come to them then they have to seek it.

For those that wander the the Earth I wish them the best of luck

Credits: Reka Koti Photography