December Nonsensical post and apology

Goodness gracious that was a rather large blank spot in the blog posts. Firstly I’d like to apologize for that since nothing more than my own apathetic nature is responsible for that. Secondly here we are off to face the “end of the world”. I’m debating doing a count down post segment for it and really fill out this month to make up for last months lack of text.

Before I get to those though I do have a couple of posts I’ll get queued up to go in the next few days. One will be on “dark” spirits and the next on deciding if the paranormal is right for one to delve into. What I mean by those will be better explained in the coming days while I wrack my brain for more writing content.

This short post will hopefully be one of the many I intend to put up this month. Now if everyone can excuse me I need to be up in the morning for breakfast at Golden Corral in the morning.


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