Inappropriate reasons for delving into the Paranormal

Like the post about graveyards part of this is about being respectful of the dead. The main reason I’m writing about this topic is that theres something that disturbs me. Namely being the reasons some people have for delving into the paranormal head first. Please don’t misunderstand me on this, it makes me happy when people can be attracted into believing in the subject.  However it must be considered the reasons for why and if they’re getting into it for the right reasons.

Now to get along with the topic we’ll start with one I find to be one of two inappropriate reasons. The first being people of any age group trying to make contact or doing a “ghost hunt” for a cheap thrill. Hugely disrespectful to any spirits they can come into contact with as well as just insulting to the subject in general to my own opinion. If they later become more respectful believers and reasearchers later then no one can really complain. My point though is that one should never assume the spirits are there for just a quick tick off the bucket list. They might be dead but even they hate it when their time is wasted.

Secondly, because a loved one has passed. For this one I have a little more sympathy than the above. Death being apart of life and us all losing someone near and dear is understandable. The problem with this reason however is when a relative seeks to regain contact with the deceased. For anyone that’s seen the movie Casper, that gets my point across. In the movie Dr. Hardy uprooted his life and daughter searching the country for his deceased wife, Amelia. At the end of it he does eventually get to see her again but only after having been killed himself ( and brought back to life ). She explains to him why he never found her was that she had already crossed over. She had married a wonderful man and had a child with him from that had had a full life she therefore no reason to stay. For anyone that has lost a loved one I have to ask, did they have a full life? If so, like Amelia, they’d have no reason to stay. Now the former will have more respect than the first since love and respect go hand in hand. For most those are what we feel when we’d think of the deceased. It must be accepted that they’ve probably moved on though and the search is in vain. Another problem with it in searching for the loved one in question someone else doing a mock up of them can come in their place.

Now there could be other inapproppriate reasons for diving into the paranormal but the above, again, are the top two that I hear about. Ultimately though it is up to the reader to fully decide if they want to get into the subject at hand. This has only been presented so that if anyone some how files into one of the above they might rethink it just a little. Perhaps with the extra peice of input they might either be more respectful at first or safe gaurd themselves depending on the ones they meet.

With all of the above said this post will need further editing in the future. This post is far from perfect and could use some input from anyone reading it later.


4 thoughts on “Inappropriate reasons for delving into the Paranormal

  1. mainlyblue says:

    Hi there, I see you have read a couple of my posts, and I have read yours about delving into the paranormal, There are many reasons I’m sure people do, I myself am offended by people “provoking” spirits, I feel most spirits deserve respect and empathy, I myself have made contact with a specific spirit that was murdered, talked to him and explained there was no reason to be afraid, no one is after him anymore, and no one can hurt him anymore, he is free and can rest, I have not “heard” from him since I am hoping he has crossed over. As to my overall situation i did not delve into the paranormal after our home purchase it showed itself to us, often and clearly, I just want to know what we are up against, as in my last post I am very uncomfortable with this entity which I have never heard from before the last couple of weeks, my post tonite will reveal some information my husband shared with me today, he did not reveal it yesterday as I was somewhat freaked out by this new development. I don’t think people so much delve as are sought out and drawn in after all your home should be your safe place even if you share it with the dead.

    • quizicalgin says:

      You have a good point there, I’ll have to edit the post to add it in later. As to the spirit I’m glad you were able to ease them and help them pass on.

      I’m aware of the situation and trying to work on any house can sometimes make them spring up. I’ll be taking a peek at your next post then when I get the chance. Might want to stalk up on some salt.

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