Of Civilizations Past

With month of reading and scrolling about the internet I finally have something else to gab on. These are mainly just my thoughts on old civilzations and a little chatting on about the possibility of ancient aliens in them. The second one will be minor point though.

Going back to the reading a moment, most of it was on mythology and myself thinking about the old roman empire and the civilizations before them. For anyone watching Ancient Aliens they already know that idea that the aliens were the gods and that they’re what made our civilizations of old so advanced. They gave us some of their technology and helped us advance as a people and species. I’m not here to talk about that theory though. To be honest I can understand them helping us but I’m not so sure that if any aliens had come here that they’d be so willing to make their influence that obvious.

religious alien

To side track for a second, we’d happily want to be perceived as “gods” since we’re vain in that type of manner. After all for centuries the main consensus was that we’re the peak of god’s creations. We naturally like to put ourselves at the top and above.  We cannot just assume that another civilization from the stars would be so eager to do the same just using ourselves as a model. Unless of course, it really is just “us” from the future that is, in which case the statement is retracted.

Now then to get onto the main idea of this post. What if we’re just going in cycles? Think about it a moment. When the Roman empire existed, for the time it was one of the many peaks of civilization. Then due to human error and some sacking it was lost and a majority of the technology and information they had was forgotten by man. The dark ages struck and if stripped of the clothes and the caste system they’d seem nothing more than like animals in their packs. Centuries later the grasp of the dark ages begins to slip with the Renaissance and later Enlightenment period. Knowledge and technology for the benefit of man started to slowly reappear. Before you know it in a way we’re back to where the Roman and other civilizations had been, the peak. Granted we might still be far from ours but we’re not the main focus at the moment.


To think a little more on it what of the (possible) cities of Dwarka and Yonaguni now that they’ve been rediscovered? There have also been other civilizations lost to the mists of time and a mere google search can bring half of the known ones up. They rise and they fall with darkage like periods separating them between the next great empire. That’s not always true with some, given that some empires take one another over, but this about their complete end.

To try and condense my ramblings, the idea is that we go in cycles. We have great and powerful civilizations but then due to our own error we make them crumble. War in general, Tyrannical leaders, or just people being lead on by red herrings to mess up what they had before and being convinced it was worse. Going from possibly great people to nothing more than loose clannish groups running around like dog packs to stay alive before another civilization rises up from the dust. It’s a possiblity.

Note: I do not lay claim to these images in any form.


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