Of Civilizations Past

With month of reading and scrolling about the internet I finally have something else to gab on. These are mainly just my thoughts on old civilzations and a little chatting on about the possibility of ancient aliens in them. The second one will be minor point though.

Going back to the reading a moment, most of it was on mythology and myself thinking about the old roman empire and the civilizations before them. For anyone watching Ancient Aliens they already know that idea that the aliens were the gods and that they’re what made our civilizations of old so advanced. They gave us some of their technology and helped us advance as a people and species. I’m not here to talk about that theory though. To be honest I can understand them helping us but I’m not so sure that if any aliens had come here that they’d be so willing to make their influence that obvious.

religious alien

To side track for a second, we’d happily want to be perceived as “gods” since we’re vain in that type of manner. After all for centuries the main consensus was that we’re the peak of god’s creations. We naturally like to put ourselves at the top and above.  We cannot just assume that another civilization from the stars would be so eager to do the same just using ourselves as a model. Unless of course, it really is just “us” from the future that is, in which case the statement is retracted.

Now then to get onto the main idea of this post. What if we’re just going in cycles? Think about it a moment. When the Roman empire existed, for the time it was one of the many peaks of civilization. Then due to human error and some sacking it was lost and a majority of the technology and information they had was forgotten by man. The dark ages struck and if stripped of the clothes and the caste system they’d seem nothing more than like animals in their packs. Centuries later the grasp of the dark ages begins to slip with the Renaissance and later Enlightenment period. Knowledge and technology for the benefit of man started to slowly reappear. Before you know it in a way we’re back to where the Roman and other civilizations had been, the peak. Granted we might still be far from ours but we’re not the main focus at the moment.


To think a little more on it what of the (possible) cities of Dwarka and Yonaguni now that they’ve been rediscovered? There have also been other civilizations lost to the mists of time and a mere google search can bring half of the known ones up. They rise and they fall with darkage like periods separating them between the next great empire. That’s not always true with some, given that some empires take one another over, but this about their complete end.

To try and condense my ramblings, the idea is that we go in cycles. We have great and powerful civilizations but then due to our own error we make them crumble. War in general, Tyrannical leaders, or just people being lead on by red herrings to mess up what they had before and being convinced it was worse. Going from possibly great people to nothing more than loose clannish groups running around like dog packs to stay alive before another civilization rises up from the dust. It’s a possiblity.

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A new year

And a New year of posts. Congratulations everyone, we’ve survived another supposed end of the world and now all that’s left are the electric bills. I’m off to scroll over a few paranormal ebooks on my nook so I have more information in my noggin. Once that’s done I’ll put up another post when I can think of something to write about.

Children of the Paranormal

Now I’ve already covered children interacting with the paranormal so today I thought we’d go to the other side of the spectrum. No I don’t mean adults, they’re for another day. I mean children that are themselves spirits wandering the land.

ghost childrensFor many people it’s hard to believe that children would stay behind after death. With a short life and for some very tragic ends, what reason would they have to stay. For those that think along these lines I can’t really say I blame them for it. Any sane person would run as far away as they could after dealing with trauma, but there is a problem. Just because you can run from it doesn’t mean that it deals with it. Even the living must eventualy return to the scene of whatever their trauma had been. I see it as the same for spirits since even the dead need closure, even if they passed as children. I can understand why others wouldn’t think they’re really children. Many stories use the “not all as it seems” motif and with spirit children it’s no different. The supposed children being a variety of monster in disguise.

Now take a moment and think of being a ghost child. You have all types of investigators coming in, some are friendly and want to play ball while others scream obscenities. For most sane people (dead or alive) that would cause a serious amount of confusion. I’m not saying some spirits don’t go into disguise but if anyone wants spirits to talk, especially claimed spirit children, I find it a little counter productive to yell at them. Perhaps it’s also I prefer to think of the better situation, that the claimed child is indeed one stuck to the other side.

ghost children

That’s one of the sad things about spirit children though, and possibly why some people wouold rather think them to not really exist. Think of it this way, would people go for the scary monster guised as a child or look at a child as see the sadness behind their situation whatever it may be. To answer that theres a reason why movies like Omen and Esther were made. Sort of speaks to the types that make up society, but this is a paranormal blog not a complain about society blog.

Point being though is that while an amount of caution should be taken spirits, tose are the children variety need bomb squad gloves. When coming across them caution is still advised but knowing which wire to “cut” can be a little hard to tell. They could be a spirt disguising themselves or young spirits trying to gain what was denied of them in life. The rest of their childhood.

Images: Ghoststudy.com, Moonslipper.com

Inappropriate reasons for delving into the Paranormal

Like the post about graveyards part of this is about being respectful of the dead. The main reason I’m writing about this topic is that theres something that disturbs me. Namely being the reasons some people have for delving into the paranormal head first. Please don’t misunderstand me on this, it makes me happy when people can be attracted into believing in the subject.  However it must be considered the reasons for why and if they’re getting into it for the right reasons.

Now to get along with the topic we’ll start with one I find to be one of two inappropriate reasons. The first being people of any age group trying to make contact or doing a “ghost hunt” for a cheap thrill. Hugely disrespectful to any spirits they can come into contact with as well as just insulting to the subject in general to my own opinion. If they later become more respectful believers and reasearchers later then no one can really complain. My point though is that one should never assume the spirits are there for just a quick tick off the bucket list. They might be dead but even they hate it when their time is wasted.

Secondly, because a loved one has passed. For this one I have a little more sympathy than the above. Death being apart of life and us all losing someone near and dear is understandable. The problem with this reason however is when a relative seeks to regain contact with the deceased. For anyone that’s seen the movie Casper, that gets my point across. In the movie Dr. Hardy uprooted his life and daughter searching the country for his deceased wife, Amelia. At the end of it he does eventually get to see her again but only after having been killed himself ( and brought back to life ). She explains to him why he never found her was that she had already crossed over. She had married a wonderful man and had a child with him from that had had a full life she therefore no reason to stay. For anyone that has lost a loved one I have to ask, did they have a full life? If so, like Amelia, they’d have no reason to stay. Now the former will have more respect than the first since love and respect go hand in hand. For most those are what we feel when we’d think of the deceased. It must be accepted that they’ve probably moved on though and the search is in vain. Another problem with it in searching for the loved one in question someone else doing a mock up of them can come in their place.

Now there could be other inapproppriate reasons for diving into the paranormal but the above, again, are the top two that I hear about. Ultimately though it is up to the reader to fully decide if they want to get into the subject at hand. This has only been presented so that if anyone some how files into one of the above they might rethink it just a little. Perhaps with the extra peice of input they might either be more respectful at first or safe gaurd themselves depending on the ones they meet.

With all of the above said this post will need further editing in the future. This post is far from perfect and could use some input from anyone reading it later.

Dark Spirits or Demons within ourselves

Now then to get started let me explain what I mean by the title. For myself I don’t believe all evil spirits to be demons. I’m not the only one to believe this way, but I still feel the need to give reason as to why.


With books and movies in popular culture sometimes jerking themselves to demons ( or dark mystical cults ) it’s not hard for people to jump to them when things may start to go awry. I’m not saying media culture is the only thing responsible but with movies and books like the Exorcist and End of Days, let’s just put it nicely with “people are impressionable at any age”.  With the imagination and nightmare fuel in their heads when some feel targeted by a spirit they might jump to this conclusion. However we’re finally moving on to why the title is as it is.

For this we’ll need a little anecdotal memory recall from everyone. Now think back to a time bullying came to play at anytime in life, be it in elementary school or the workplace. The bully in question might try to make themselves seem better or tougher in some manner in comparison to the target. When it comes to “evil” spirits I believe it to be the same scenario.  While demons do exist we can be demons in of ourselves more often than not. When people so cruel in their own hearts die what’s to make them change after death? Nothing simply. Calous people in life become calous people in death. Now to add on a little more they know their dead but still maintain a hold on their former home or business or what have you. They would do anything to drive the people inhabiting it then to “reclaim” what’s theirs. This even involves claiming themselves to be demons and with even just minor knowledge of the bible can claim to be under a well known name,  i.e. Belzebub, Legion, and a standby “the Devil”.

Just in defence of other spirits floating in the ether not all of them are dark in nature. I could stress this till I’m blue in the face. They just fall victim to lumping. What I mean by lumping is that the darker spirits have a larger voice and influence on how we perceive the rest of the spirits. A whispered insult speaks louder than a shouted compliment and it’s the same mentality when comparing spirits. The amount of negative encouters versus positive is extremely unblanaced depending on how one looks at it and the places the sources come from.

Again I’ll state that I do believe that demons exist and this post is not to claim that they don’t. I just find that for a majority of cases that it’s far more likely that it’s a human spirit putting on a scary mask. The simple reasoning that if they can masquerade about as one of us, what’s to say some of the truly evil or embittered among us won’t do the same thing?

Image: Naturalplane.blogspot.com

December Nonsensical post and apology

Goodness gracious that was a rather large blank spot in the blog posts. Firstly I’d like to apologize for that since nothing more than my own apathetic nature is responsible for that. Secondly here we are off to face the “end of the world”. I’m debating doing a count down post segment for it and really fill out this month to make up for last months lack of text.

Before I get to those though I do have a couple of posts I’ll get queued up to go in the next few days. One will be on “dark” spirits and the next on deciding if the paranormal is right for one to delve into. What I mean by those will be better explained in the coming days while I wrack my brain for more writing content.

This short post will hopefully be one of the many I intend to put up this month. Now if everyone can excuse me I need to be up in the morning for breakfast at Golden Corral in the morning.