Ah finally time for the Mothman post. Though I will warn everyone that it will be a rather brief post. Why is this? Well there isn’t really an entire lot to be said about this insanely elusive cryptid. Outside of its appearances and its possible connections there isn’t much to write about. If anyone wants to read reports on it just go to Google and do some skimming. With that out of the way lets get started.

Mothman, as I learned about him from the Weird travels program long long ago in a galaxy far far away, is a cryptid with a penchant for being a harbinger of doom. The last bit is due to a disastrous event involving a bridge in Point Pleasant West Virginia, for there were many sightings of the creature leading up to the collapse. Many for that reason believed it was just the messenger, while some prefer to believe that it was the cause of it. Either way both theories on that are neither here nor there. After all a cat waved it’s paw and now everyone can find Maneneko statues everywhere in Japan just about. Though if either one was true I’d certainly hope that it was the former that held true.

If one were to visit Point Pleasant they might find some people to be tight lipped about it. I recall one woman that was interviewed stating she was afraid to talk about it that “it might bring it back”. At the time I thought that sentiment to be absolutely ridiculous. The cryptid isn’t the creature from the “Don’t think about it” goosebumps Halloween special. Going for a moment onto the creatures appearance according to reports it was as large or larger than a man, large glowing eyes, and an expansive wing span. Certainly not the thing, but it would haunt ones nightmares for a while I could imagine. With that processed it’s no wonder many of the locals were afraid of it even long after it supposedly vanished.

“Supposedly? What do you mean by that?”.  What I mean is there have been other sightings of it outside of Point pleasant. Of course it has possibly been referred to under separate names. The main one I know of is that of Owlman. It’s “sister” cryptid was spotted in Mawnan Cornwall. Like the Mothman it was seen and/or heard for a period of time and supposed encounters going on past the original reports. Main reason I say supposed is because at this point a majority of encounters could either be hoaxes or misidentification. There’s even a festival for Mothman now so to have more encounters would spur it on and people with a thing for pranks. I’m not trying to bash any credibility on anyone here but if the initial encounters were real I believe Mothman has long since moved on and that Point Pleasant has gone taken the same approach a South Carolina town did Lizard man.

To add to it’s lack of credibility at this time is that apparently people have terrible depth perception at night. The bright glowing eyes of the moth man could have been those of an owl.  With large wing spans in some of them it doesn’t take much to stretch the imagination just a little bit.Good luck trying to tell that to anyone that saw the creature though. I would believe myself over any skeptic had I seen it myself (while running in the opposite direction).

With that note on my cowardice I’ll leave everyone to think or go on to where it is they go.

Images: Point Pleasant, Mosterpedia


Connection between Aliens and Bobbie?

To recap bobbie is what I call bigfoot because I’m just tired of bigfoot and seeing it so much. Adding something new to the pool is all I’m doing. Now then onto the topic at hand, which is the relation between aliens and bobbies. My attention for this topic was nabbed when I saw the newest episode of Ancient Aliens. To be really honest some of their theories are becoming so stretched they beat most size queens. A rather nasty mental image though it gets my point across and my sentiment towards the theory.

The idea that Bobbie is the alien is completely absurd to me. Don’t get me wrong I love Wookies and have nothing against them, but the idea of Bobbies being a real life counter part on earth? I’d much rather believe that we’re the aliens instead. On top of that if there is a correlation between the two I’d liken it to being more along the cow deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were taking them and just setting them back down but keeping them in the shape they found them. After all the best way to see how something ticks is to take it apart.

“Why would they put Bobby back in one piece?” Some might ask, “If it does exist it’s just an animal right?” . To this I would put a yes and no. Yes, since it technically is an animal as much as we are. For the “No”, why wouldn’t they just be another animal? Why don’t they just leave Bobbie corpses all over the place like they do with cows and horses? To this effect I believe there to be a very simple answer. They’re rare. Yes yes, I know given that it’s blatantly obvious but that’s the only thing I can come to logically.

Lets take a moment to side track so I can explain it better. When we, as humans, capture an animal there are several things we can do with it. We can:

A: Kill it. This option is usually for very common animals either for food or population control.

B: Use it as a test subject. There are many animals with some parts of them close enough to our own that we can perform tests on them to see how it could possibly work on humans. Thankfully this is slowly but surely going out of style with many products outside the medical profession ( ey we still need the pig valves for a little while )

C: Study and release. Self explanatory here for the most part. We catch animals to study, tag, then release upon the study’s completion. Said tags can assist in further research later.

D: Breeding. Outside of animal mills this is usually done for species preservation. Several pairs are caught then bred in captivity. With some species it’s possible to release the offspring back to the wild in hopes of bringing back the population.

Returning to Bobbie I think that B and C apply to them as much as it does to us.  However while we’re are plentiful, there is evidence highly suggestive of Bobbies being in so few in terms of numbers. This is the most probable reason they have been seen together. Bobbies are no aliens they’re just as much a test subject as we are. They just happen to be spotted pre/post abduction.

Mind everyone these are just my thoughts on this theory. Perhaps after this small read they can be among everyone else’s too.

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Pleasure and Nonsensical post: It’s October!

Aaaah October, every time this month comes around I feel like I’ve slipped into a comfy and well worn pair of pants. Well known for many children’s favorite free candy day of Halloween and not so well known as my birth month. The second of those is unimportant I just wanted to add it in.  This will also not be a post about Halloween either since there’s numerous pages upon pages about it in analog and digital formats alike. It’s just me rambling on about post ideas so feel free to ignore it.

First one I plan to get up this month is from the recent episode of Ancient Aliens. The relation between them and bobbies* seems attached by gum and dirt. I’d rather believe that we’re the aliens rather than bobbies being so. This should be up within the week procrastination shoved aside.

The next one would be a peek at abductions. This includes but will not be limited to: Theories as to why, Why would they want us for anything, and why we probably do not have solid evidence. May include a brief statement about the men in black.

Lastly I’ll try my hand at a post about Mothman and possible relation to the Owlman. Who knows perhaps they really are just harbingers of doom without being the cause.

When I get the chance I will be posting these up and will space them out now that I have use of the schedule function. To the main function of this blog if there’s anything anyone would like to know about or see me write on just ask. After all in a small recap I did make this to provide information to those searching for it. In the mean time I’m off to plan and prepare festivities.

Pictures:,, Point pleasant WV

Obligatory Bigfoot

Like nessy one can’t talk about cryptozoology without Bigfoot coming up. S/He has many alias as they have homes across the continents. Yeti in the Himalayas, Yowie in Australia, and Sasquatch to the pacific north west of the US. I will admit that those aren’t the only places or aliases for the entity, just the ones off the top of my head.

Even for those unfamiliar with cryptozoology have heard of Bigfoot or are at least familiar with the tell tale appearance. Tall yet stout form reaching upwards of seven to eight feet tall. Dark fur with ranging shades of reds and browns. Lastly the feet for which it received it’s household nickname. It’s temperament however is open game for many people. In some areas it’s very shy and prefers to stay as far away from us as possible. Others can be very aggressive in nature with some claiming to have seen them smack pigs against trees. However, aside from word of mouth, like everything else involving Bigfoot there’s little evidence to its existence.

For the many skeptics among us they cry out that if Bigfoot ( who we shall call Bobbies for the rest of this post ) truly existed there would be SOME form of evidence by now. Well we have to give them that, or rather would if we hadn’t already found evidence. Skeptics at that though go ” no hair samples without matches don’t count!” . No pleasing some people, honestly. Continuing on they rabble on about needing a body and that we’d need to find one. I guess they never bother to think why serial murderers leave bodies in the woods. Below is a short clip from the show Monsterquest that shows the depiction of a time lapsed deer carcass. Go ahead and click it, it’s not very gruesome I promise.

After viewing that video and seeing that it only took a week to handle that deer, Bobbies carcass would probably be nothing compared to all the maggots that would swarm on him/er.  Add in other scavenging animals it wouldn’t take long at all for a corpse to disappear. Even if we did happen to find a bone, a majority of them could possibly be passed off as being part of a human skeleton or as just a fossil for anyone that couldn’t tell the difference. Aside from hair samples and the occasional scatty patties we’ve got nothing. Doesn’t help that Gilly suits are easy to acquire either. “A gilly suit? what on earth is that!?”

Though the top of it is cut off, THAT is a Gilly suit.  While many folks might do a better job in wanting to support the Bobbies those wanting to do simple joke would grab a Gilly suit. Just walk or run at a far distance and most would assume the wearer to be a Bobbie. Though I will note that it’s a severely bad idea to play dress up as one. There was an incident in the news recently where a man pretending to be a Bobbie was shot and killed. So yes no one pretend to be a Bobbie please, for everyone’s safety.

Given all the information and the majority of sightings it’s no wonder that cryptozoologically based TV shows focus the most on it. There’s even more I can add on to this topic from all I’ve mentally collected over the years but for one blog post it’s just too much.  I’ll have to come back to it another time to give more elaboration. Also if you see a Bobbie on the side of the road be careful and if they go to cross the road, give them the right of way.

Images:Patterson film,, Monsterquest

Debunked UFO/Cryptid cases

This post comes from a particular tick I have. This tick in question is I absolutely HATE and I mean HATE it when meticulously debunked cases are brought up to be checked over again. The show Fact or Faked has been the biggest scratchy contact in my eye for this very reason.

For this I have decided to have a special post dedicated to all the cases that can be at least 85% conclusive to their hoaxness. This will be an ever growing list as a result and will include video’s and photographs. Many of the ones that will have been deemed hoaxes can be redeemed but until I see evidence otherwise they will remain on the list. A majority of which will be blatantly obvious others might be a little obscure. If anyone else knows of a mostly proven hoax case please leave a comment below so that I might include them in the list.

Big red and flaming point here no I will not list the Patterson film since to me a lot of the evidence to it’s credibility point to “pretty possible” side of the scale that it’s real.

The above picture was featured in one of the numerous Bigfoot themed episodes of Monsterquest during it’s run and rerun on the History channel. They managed to disprove it’s credibility after having an expert look at it. Looking at the full picture it’s not hard to see why most thought it to be real at first.

This image and many others like it have been, for the most part, explained either on UFO Hunters or UFO Files. I haven’t heard anything about them but for anyone new to the topics it’s good to let them know.

Anyone that has seen the series Destination Truth has learned that this was actually just a poor bald sloth. However this is one of the pink sheep rare times this show has failed. I first heard about this poor sloth from a YouTube show called “Pretty much it” where the show host even said that it was fake and that it had already been investigated and proven to be a hairless sloth. Though I let it slide since with how YouTube is you never know what you’re going to get and what true gems are buried deep under all those cat videos.

This is another one of those cases that made my crumpets go stale. The whole Texan Chupacabra thing that went on and was shown on monster quest. After all was said and done they were able to show that it was nothing more than a mange plagued hybrid of a dog and coyote. Poor thing, death by skin parasite.

The Montauk  monster. Not so much a monster as it is a partially nibbled on body. Looking at the head I would guess a dog with a short snout. Heck it could even have been a fat cat. It’s just a case where the amount of decay (or animal nomming ) has warped the initial appearance making it appear as something else entirely. There are other pictures at different angles that help make that more obvious.

This is one that didn’t occur to me first time around. If everyone will remember back maybe two years ago (maybe less maybe more ) there was a big to-do about the face seen on mars and supposed constructs on the moon. The above is just the result of facial matrixing.

Another one to add in thanks to it being pointed out thanks to Mr.Byers along with the above face. Rods to me are a kind of in between ground where if they were real I’d have no idea how to classify them. Point being though at the time many cameras couldn’t properly catch bugs due to frame rates. To put it one way lets imagine we have a glowing ball on a string and we turn out the lights. Now swing that ball around and everyone should notice that it leaves a light trail. Same thing just with bugs and cameras.

Heres one I’m just gonna put in, just in case the newer folk are unfamiliar with it. The Amityville horror is fake. I can’t for the life of me remember the show it aired on, but I do recall it being aired on the travel channel when the “good” paranormal shows like weird travels would come on. A family that lived there, the Lutz, used the “there’s a ghost in my house” excuse to get out of a home they couldn’t pay for. Either way the haunting is a sham and is only known due to old publicity. It’s no wonder people don’t accept that as a reason anymore.

I know this is rather short but as stated before it will require more edits in the future. I just can’t think of anymore hoaxes off the top of my head that aren’t blatantly obvious. Once more if anyone has one please let me know and I will list it here. That aside I’m about as iffy as anyone wanting to use “extinct” only replace it with the word hoax. If a suggestion is made please put a source of any kind to validate the evidence in favor of proving a hoax and or trick of the eyes.

Images: Not bothering this time since this post will get pretty dang long in the future.

Pleasure Post: Bunnyman

I’ve come to a slight block in my writing and I’ve found only one thing helps a block. Writing or drawing about anything I want. In this Pleasure post I will talk about something close to my heart, Bunnyman. Like the Sampiro I enjoy the thought of this entity for the absurdity of it. The only difference between the two is that Bunnyman represents a more menacing presence since they tend to carry an ax with them.

The name comes from the reported sighting claiming the figure to be a man in a bunny suit. Accounts on his suit state it being mostly white with another stating it being white, grey, and black.  His debut in Virginia occurred in October of  ’69 and he’s been playing the role of boogeyman ever since. After that incident there were many more reported during the fall season (guess he couldn’t wait for Halloween).  Some reports have him terrifying children while brandishing his ax to them. There are many other rumors swirling about this twisted Trix rabbit involving but not limited to: vandalism, attacks on cars and the people there in, and murder. While the former accounts have evidence to back them up, the murder(s?) attributed to Bunnyman are probably unfounded.

Along with the many rumors of his existence are the rumors of his beginnings as the Bunnyman. While his real origin deals with him assaulting people’s cars and homes there is another idea proposed. This includes the Bunnyman having been an institutionalized patient before escaping to the wilderness. Another idea to the start of his name spawned from this, where he purportedly left several discarded rabbit bodies strewn about a bridge. The bridge in question is supposedly the Colchester overpass and was soon deemed the Bunnyman’s favorite haunt. There is a downside to those rumors though. For one, in the county his was reported in the most there had never been an asylum of any sort. Secondly some people dispute about the overpass being the bridge and that the “real” one is now long forgotten in some brush deep in the woods.

Whatever the case may be about him, he is now apart of the many urban legends that people tell at night to spook their friends. So much so that a movie was made in his honor last year. It’s not canon to the actual bunny mythos but then again what movie ever stays in line with urban legends.

Images from:  Wolvaria of deviant art,


 For this post I decided to cover plesiosaurs, or more specifically their possible descendants. That means of course that this is about Nessy, Champ, Ogopogo and so on.

In the landlocked lakes that they are said to appear many things in their appearance remain the same. Long necks, bulky bodies, and the infamous flippers. Due to said appearance it has lead many people to believe that it’s a plesiosaur that, if it had the digits to, would be giving double fingers to extinction. Though aside from the numerous sightings there’s been very little to prove Champ and his/her cousins true. I don’t think it would be possible for something like it to have survived long passed the extinction. No one bring up the ceolocanth either that thing had armor protection and was prepared like an apocalyptic hillbilly.

Because of the below the crust likelihood that they still exist many dismiss the idea that they’re out there among other factors. There are a couple theories that relate to convergent evolution to try and explain the possible existence of them. For those whose biology classes didn’t cover it convergent evolution is where separate species develop similar traits. Birds and bats both developed themselves for flight as an example.

To apply it here there are many animals with long necks. Ostriches, storks, alpacas, llamas, tortoises, and some turtles. The last one is the only semi aquatic one in what I listed and there’s probably a lot more animals. To me though it seems the best candidate to have a relative living in at least one of the lakes where these types of creatures are reported. Some of these lakes are said to not even have enough fish to support them. What if the creature seen is a herbivore though? I know very well I’m not stating anything new but with a long neck they could easily reach any vegetation that happened to be near the shore if they already ate all of the algae. With the size of many of these lakes though that’d be a difficult feat to do.

For that being the last of what I can think to note with this post relating nothing to the dinosaur many thought it resembled. I leave everyone with a squid pranking the world.

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