A new year

And a New year of posts. Congratulations everyone, we’ve survived another supposed end of the world and now all that’s left are the electric bills. I’m off to scroll over a few paranormal ebooks on my nook so I have more information in my noggin. Once that’s done I’ll put up another post when I can think of something to write about.


Debunked UFO/Cryptid cases

This post comes from a particular tick I have. This tick in question is I absolutely HATE and I mean HATE it when meticulously debunked cases are brought up to be checked over again. The show Fact or Faked has been the biggest scratchy contact in my eye for this very reason.

For this I have decided to have a special post dedicated to all the cases that can be at least 85% conclusive to their hoaxness. This will be an ever growing list as a result and will include video’s and photographs. Many of the ones that will have been deemed hoaxes can be redeemed but until I see evidence otherwise they will remain on the list. A majority of which will be blatantly obvious others might be a little obscure. If anyone else knows of a mostly proven hoax case please leave a comment below so that I might include them in the list.

Big red and flaming point here no I will not list the Patterson film since to me a lot of the evidence to it’s credibility point to “pretty possible” side of the scale that it’s real.

The above picture was featured in one of the numerous Bigfoot themed episodes of Monsterquest during it’s run and rerun on the History channel. They managed to disprove it’s credibility after having an expert look at it. Looking at the full picture it’s not hard to see why most thought it to be real at first.

This image and many others like it have been, for the most part, explained either on UFO Hunters or UFO Files. I haven’t heard anything about them but for anyone new to the topics it’s good to let them know.

Anyone that has seen the series Destination Truth has learned that this was actually just a poor bald sloth. However this is one of the pink sheep rare times this show has failed. I first heard about this poor sloth from a YouTube show called “Pretty much it” where the show host even said that it was fake and that it had already been investigated and proven to be a hairless sloth. Though I let it slide since with how YouTube is you never know what you’re going to get and what true gems are buried deep under all those cat videos.

This is another one of those cases that made my crumpets go stale. The whole Texan Chupacabra thing that went on and was shown on monster quest. After all was said and done they were able to show that it was nothing more than a mange plagued hybrid of a dog and coyote. Poor thing, death by skin parasite.

The MontaukĀ  monster. Not so much a monster as it is a partially nibbled on body. Looking at the head I would guess a dog with a short snout. Heck it could even have been a fat cat. It’s just a case where the amount of decay (or animal nomming ) has warped the initial appearance making it appear as something else entirely. There are other pictures at different angles that help make that more obvious.

This is one that didn’t occur to me first time around. If everyone will remember back maybe two years ago (maybe less maybe more ) there was a big to-do about the face seen on mars and supposed constructs on the moon. The above is just the result of facial matrixing.

Another one to add in thanks to it being pointed out thanks to Mr.Byers along with the above face. Rods to me are a kind of in between ground where if they were real I’d have no idea how to classify them. Point being though at the time many cameras couldn’t properly catch bugs due to frame rates. To put it one way lets imagine we have a glowing ball on a string and we turn out the lights. Now swing that ball around and everyone should notice that it leaves a light trail. Same thing just with bugs and cameras.

Heres one I’m just gonna put in, just in case the newer folk are unfamiliar with it. The Amityville horror is fake. I can’t for the life of me remember the show it aired on, but I do recall it being aired on the travel channel when the “good” paranormal shows like weird travels would come on. A family that lived there, the Lutz, used the “there’s a ghost in my house” excuse to get out of a home they couldn’t pay for. Either way the haunting is a sham and is only known due to old publicity. It’s no wonder people don’t accept that as a reason anymore.

I know this is rather short but as stated before it will require more edits in the future. I just can’t think of anymore hoaxes off the top of my head that aren’t blatantly obvious. Once more if anyone has one please let me know and I will list it here. That aside I’m about as iffy as anyone wanting to use “extinct” only replace it with the word hoax. If a suggestion is made please put a source of any kind to validate the evidence in favor of proving a hoax and or trick of the eyes.

Images: Not bothering this time since this post will get pretty dang long in the future.

Graveyard Etiquette

Now after that title at least one person is going “why do I need to praise etiquette in a graveyard!?” . They’d have a right to think that since to most people a graveyard is just a lot of dirt with dozens to hundreds of interred corpses there in. However to those of us that believe that spirits do reside in the place of their rest I believe there should be some form of polite conduct.

“polite conduct? what do you mean?” What I mean is that one should think of a graveyard like one would a large apartment complex. Many rooms with many people in them. Most wold enjoy their apartment complex to remain nice and to be respected since most people would like their home to be respected in some form. It can be as simple as a compliment or picking up a spare piece of trash from a careless tenant that may not care as much.

Now then take complex and turn it into a graveyard and replace all the doors with tombstones. Though the dead may not speak directly all the time a little consideration of their “home” is still nice. With this said there are very simple rules for graveyard etiquette.

One: If it’s a nice and warm day and it hasn’t rained take off your socks and shoes. This might be the strangest of all the ones I’ll list. For this I place myself as one of the many denizens of the grave yard. I wouldn’t exactly be pleased if someone stepped over me with dog crap on their shoe, regardless of my pushing up daisies position. To bring back the complex example would anyone where muddy shoes on a rug or carpet?

Two: This one I believe to be a given since a hefty fine follows it if the perpetrator is caught. Vandalizing a grave is no different than someone breaking into a house and ransacking the rooms within. In short don’t spray paint a unicorn on a tombstone (or anything else for that matter) or shove them over.

Three: Another given is don’t leave trash behind since no one likes a messy house guest.

Four: The last one here. Be respectful of the residents at all times. A lot of people go into cemeteries for a quick ghost hunt for a thrill but neglect that, although dead, the residents still have feelings. To add on no going to the cemetery drunkĀ  or high. If friends don’t enjoy surprise visits from inebriated guests, I doubt the spirits would either.

I know aside from the first one a majority of these should be common sense to anyone entering a graveyard. I just felt that a little etiquette list might help people remember them. After all we may all have common sense but will often need reminders to help us remember that.

Images: Layoutsparks.com , Swns.com

Recommended reading and tv

Sunday 10:50AM

I thought it only wise to give a list of my sources in case anyone would like to check them out. Lets start with reading shall we?


The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical creatures ( aka by me the big tome a myth )

And a tiny book on Superstitions I carry with me at all times

Mind you I don’t have many books so my “paranormal” collection is limited to what’s above. A few other books on my shelf regarding hauntings and myth I didn’t mention since they’re more than likely covered in the ones I did list. If I do use information from them I will list it.


Destination Truth

Mystery quest

Haunted Collector


Ancient Aliens

Paranormal Witness

Ghost Hunters**

Lost Tapes***

For a lot of the above I wish there was so much more I could add on. I would’ve added on Weird travels but it sadly no longer comes on air. Some of the shows added were merely just for thought. I personally think that our species splitting off to make mermaids is far more believable than aliens picking us up, shaving us, then putting us back on earth. I know the theories for it are deeper than this but lets admit it this is what it equates to for some.

I’ll iterate that all of the above is optional reading and if you have a better source I’ll be happy to tack on to the lists here.

( No Wikipedia does not count sadly )

**The early episodes mind you when they weren’t commercialized out the flipping wazoo

*** This show is purely speculatory on the possibility of encounters with unknown entities but is still an interesting watch on it’s own regardless.

Additional note: Never and I mean NEVER will I give Fact or Faked a recommendation of any sort. The show is a load of doggy scat on burnt crackers. I could rant but I’m not giving it anymore attention than I need to.

Hello world!

Howdy everyone! This is my very first post of the Paranormal Explained blog. The reason for this blog’s existence is for me to answer any questions you might have pertaining to the paranormal. Now it may already be obvious my grammar is horrible, but I’ll do my best to at least be legible.

To go right off and start this post is about why ghosts can’t cross moving water, or rather the superstition for it. Now like any superstition this ones beginning is lost to time (or at least to me at this moment ). Then again we’re not here for how it started are we? The main consensus for this superstition is that if a spirit, ghost, spook, spectre, whatever the heck you want to call them try to traverse over running water ( ie:stream, creek, river, blah blah ) their souls would then become trapped within the water. There are one or two stories that actually use this for a plot point and then once the river, creek, what have you is dammed up the spirit(s) are there in set free since the running water isn’t really running anymore.

I know that was rather short but that’s just the bare bone as to what the superstition is.