Inappropriate reasons for delving into the Paranormal

Like the post about graveyards part of this is about being respectful of the dead. The main reason I’m writing about this topic is that theres something that disturbs me. Namely being the reasons some people have for delving into the paranormal head first. Please don’t misunderstand me on this, it makes me happy when people can be attracted into believing in the subject.  However it must be considered the reasons for why and if they’re getting into it for the right reasons.

Now to get along with the topic we’ll start with one I find to be one of two inappropriate reasons. The first being people of any age group trying to make contact or doing a “ghost hunt” for a cheap thrill. Hugely disrespectful to any spirits they can come into contact with as well as just insulting to the subject in general to my own opinion. If they later become more respectful believers and reasearchers later then no one can really complain. My point though is that one should never assume the spirits are there for just a quick tick off the bucket list. They might be dead but even they hate it when their time is wasted.

Secondly, because a loved one has passed. For this one I have a little more sympathy than the above. Death being apart of life and us all losing someone near and dear is understandable. The problem with this reason however is when a relative seeks to regain contact with the deceased. For anyone that’s seen the movie Casper, that gets my point across. In the movie Dr. Hardy uprooted his life and daughter searching the country for his deceased wife, Amelia. At the end of it he does eventually get to see her again but only after having been killed himself ( and brought back to life ). She explains to him why he never found her was that she had already crossed over. She had married a wonderful man and had a child with him from that had had a full life she therefore no reason to stay. For anyone that has lost a loved one I have to ask, did they have a full life? If so, like Amelia, they’d have no reason to stay. Now the former will have more respect than the first since love and respect go hand in hand. For most those are what we feel when we’d think of the deceased. It must be accepted that they’ve probably moved on though and the search is in vain. Another problem with it in searching for the loved one in question someone else doing a mock up of them can come in their place.

Now there could be other inapproppriate reasons for diving into the paranormal but the above, again, are the top two that I hear about. Ultimately though it is up to the reader to fully decide if they want to get into the subject at hand. This has only been presented so that if anyone some how files into one of the above they might rethink it just a little. Perhaps with the extra peice of input they might either be more respectful at first or safe gaurd themselves depending on the ones they meet.

With all of the above said this post will need further editing in the future. This post is far from perfect and could use some input from anyone reading it later.


But I swear it’s not me! Another children and the paranormal post

I’ve already done a post relating to children and the paranormal, but last night’s episode of Paranormal Witness struck another chord. If you’ve ever seen “A Haunting in Connecticut” from the Discovery channel its a more detailed retelling of that. To cut into what struck me is how when a lot of stories relating to children and the paranormal, why the hell does the parent ignore it. I know the mother knows her mistake now but when something truly, and I mean truly, bothers a child its the parents responsibility to battle back the shadows. I don’t care if it only turns out to be a really ominous jacket or a lump of toys that look like a monster.

Don’t get me wrong here. For the last statement above I know that that’s a portion to why parents don’t take it seriously. Children do have imaginations and can run away with said imagination. The only thing is when there are things beyond a child’s imagination why still ascribe what they see to it? Not all children are into history or violent related subjects, if anything most children would like to avoid the latter. So why is it that when they tell their parents of seeing other people in period dress or bloodied or worse that its just “something they saw on tv”.  If this infuriates me so much I can only imagine how truly frustrated the children feel.

Imagine being a child again and how everything in the dark would turn frightening. The smallest shadow would send pure terror into the core of ones soul. Now take it one more step and tell the parent/guardian what’s been seen. When first told they might brush it off and might even entertain what it might be just to humor the child.  Next few times it bothers them a little bit too and they start prodding the closet to set minds at ease. After the next few times they might grow irritated at the continued information of what the child sees and would soon regulate it to wanting attention. For some parents a little attention showering later, they grow more irritated since they’d see no reason for the child to harp on. At this stage it’s probable that if it is a paranormal, happening things go missing. Result of this is further infuriated parents, demanding items back for which the child had no assistance in there abscontion (hence the title ). Past that point there are many ways it could go depending on the children and parents involved.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m not a parent yet myself when it comes to children. I grew up believing that parents were a child’s knights in shining armor, slashing back the darkness with their imaginary swords. When I was a child things crossed my vision that bothered me as well, I just never told my parents. I couldn’t really tell them though even if I wanted to, but this subject isn’t about me. It also leads me to another one which I’ll need to write about at a later date. Subject in question is about children with mental handicaps and how to deal with them and their purposed encounters. If the average children have difficulty with it I don’t dare imagine the amount of fear and confusion they would feel. Again though, a topic for another time.

To make a small summary of this if something bothers the children take them seriously. I honestly cannot stretch that enough. Even if what they see is just a shadow and only that their fears and feelings should be taken into account. No one wants their child to feel insecure, untrusted, and troublesome for things beyond their control.

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Response to First Contact

After Mr. Guerra linked me to their blog I’ve been trying to keep up with it but for the one about first contact I did get to thinking. The questions mentioned were more than likely rhetorical but I’m going to seek to answer them anyway.

The first question proposed is how religious zealots would behave when the ideals of their religion, whatever it may be, is challenged by the new presence of other intelligent beings.  The answer is simply that they would have something else to hate. Like with how gay love disturbs their precious idea of marriage the idea of life beyond us would disturb their ideal that we’re gods precious children and his only children. Not all think that I know but a good majority of them do. Think of it like when a small child becomes the older sibling and gains new responsibility over themself. They get less attention from the parent and grow to resent the newborn in the home. Given that it’s between separate interstellar, or possibly inter galactic, races the same kind of resentment still exists between said zealots and the new people coming to greet us. That’s one of the main billing calls of religion that we are “special”. When that is dashed they will just have something new to hate.

To the second one there will be a very deep split between the combined mentality of the masses. On one half more than likely there will be many mass suicides mainly sprouting out from cults that relate to these kind of things in nature and to sadly misinterpreting the signs will kill themselves in seeking ascension for their minds. That will probably hit close to home for many cults within the eye of the public but there are also minor and little known cults that would jump into the poison punch dripped fray. Outside of the cults there will many who might assume a soon to be war of the worlds to occur. If anyone recalls that during their English classes they know what happened during that broadcast.

The third question relates to if we’d finally hug each other in and realize our mistakes. I must have a very bleak view of my own species since I doubt if that would happen. Given that there will be many a man and woman more than happy to set aside their wrongs and those of others to forgive but there is a reason. These enviable people haven’t sipped from the cup that is called pride. Many people of this world wouldn’t describe themselves as prideful but it’s one of those things we are born with much as we try to ignore it. For this we’ll just work with how we think. When there’s something we believe and believe it strongly we ignore any proof to the contrary and/or deny it. If you’ve known any headstrong man or woman then you understand what I’m talking about.  Ones attitude can be changed but you need a hammer and pick to chip to change anothers beliefs.

Lastly they purposed the question of what they would think of us. Personally I think it’d be like an older sibling seeing the younger bang their head against the wall. No rhyme or reason to it, it’s just something the younger one does causing confusion to the older one. I doubt they’d even know what to do with us if the visitors were of the peaceful variety. They couldn’t give us any technology since we have a nasty habit of turning things meant for peace into weapons. In addition how could they face us when a majority would still be in fear and the rest wanting to desperately embrace them. I think an apt comparison would be like a boyfriend trying to compliment an extremely bipolar girlfriend. She could either take it and thank him with a hug or suspect him for the shadows of evil within her own mind and lash out. Either way he loses and so would they and then so would we for squandering a possible interstellar relations.

In short if they come down and I talk to them I’d be suggesting they go to another star cluster until we grow up a little more. Maybe five hundred years or so.

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