Promise not to laugh

Yeah I’m just asking for it with that title. the reason I ask for you all not to laugh is because I believe in the possibility humanity split. Split but what do I mean? For this another question must be asked. Does anyone else remember that (pseudo)documentary that aired on Animal planet a month or two back about mermaids? The one more than likely got a few chuckles or scoffs from whoever happened to be in the audience. The one that first aired in Australia and was debunked? I took a good portion of it with salt along with seriousness. If you exclude the tear jerking CGI scenes and the folks that claimed to have worked on the so called corpse it had many points in their favor.

“Their favor? Are you mad?” No I’m not….well…..maybe just a little bit but this is beside the point. See, even if mermaids no longer exist ( or never did ) the point where we would have branched off makes a lot of sense to some of the traits we have today. Granted a lot of them can be contributed to other factors but a few of them I still found compelling to the argument.

The first of which being our near hairlessness. A trait that is shared with other fully aquatic mammals (save seals and walruses’ ).  Second an improved ability to walk on two legs. I say improved since our ancestors could already do that but I doubt all the tree climbing lengthened our legs to walk into deeper waters. Especially since our feet are no longer really built for that. Thirdly if we were swimming forward it kinda makes sense that our armpits and hoodlies would stay fuzz covered. They’re out of the way of drag so there was no reason for it to go ( dang it ).

There will be many folks that would disagree with the above readily. In all honesty how we are here is a mystery still to most with the only certainty was that at one time we went through a bottle neck evolution. For me the above cements it a bit more firmly as to our origins. Take it on with you as your own or laugh it off. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Also before anyone gets on me I said NEAR hairlessness I know many aquatic mammals have hair but it’s peach fuzz for a lot of them.

And now I leave you with a fake mermaid picture.

Sweet dreams all.