Arguably one of the oldest types of paranormal activity as far as spirits are involved. Reports of poltergeist activity stretch back into the Roman empire and possibly further back if you include pre written history. The term is derived from German many “noisy spirit” and given what occurs they’re aptly named.

Now there are many theories as to why poltergeists exist and to what they may truly be. Repressed emotions coming out as telekinetic attacks,  magnetic fields, to spirits just having a temper tantrum. Whatever they are they have been the joy of paranormal seekers and the bane to everyone else. I say bane for the thought that if you were to ask anyone who has been the target of this form of activity they might tell you how much of a nightmare it’s been.

I personally believe that poltergeist activity is but a symptom of paranormal happenings,  of varying levels of course. The first would be a disturbing nuisance, small things go missing from their positions and things fall. Something that would unnerve but not readily make anyone run from the house screaming.  Second would be the “pay attention”, one chose to ignore the first level and the source of the activity is now taking this as a challenge. Objects may be stacked, thrown with force, and if they went missing turn up broken. That would really unnerve some and make them start seeking help. Lastly level three ” it’s hulking out”, which would entail rather large objects such as tables and couches being chucked about, electricals busting in their sockets, large messes being produced made of various substances. This level would make many people implement the “get out of dodge” idea, where now they start running and screaming out of the house.

Mind you that’s just something slapped together and the levels don’t happen in order with some of the activity proposed being interchanged between them. Additionally not all poltergeist activity is from angry teens or spirits. A poltergeist researcher, Dr. John Hutchinson created activity within a scientific setting using electromagnetic fields.  This involves a small plastic milk bottle being squeezed out of shape, a ball or an orange rolling around in a bowl, objects flying about, a carrot being cut in half, short metal rods bending, gravity defying bowling balls, and lastly flashing lights.

Mind you that’s in a lab with lots of equipment trying to produce enough magnetic fields to cause the activity. In the average home I doubt they’d be able to generate enough, much less focused on certain areas to produce anything. Then again I don’t have any devices to test this so perhaps I should invest in an EMF detector soon.