Children of the Paranormal

Now I’ve already covered children interacting with the paranormal so today I thought we’d go to the other side of the spectrum. No I don’t mean adults, they’re for another day. I mean children that are themselves spirits wandering the land.

ghost childrensFor many people it’s hard to believe that children would stay behind after death. With a short life and for some very tragic ends, what reason would they have to stay. For those that think along these lines I can’t really say I blame them for it. Any sane person would run as far away as they could after dealing with trauma, but there is a problem. Just because you can run from it doesn’t mean that it deals with it. Even the living must eventualy return to the scene of whatever their trauma had been. I see it as the same for spirits since even the dead need closure, even if they passed as children. I can understand why others wouldn’t think they’re really children. Many stories use the “not all as it seems” motif and with spirit children it’s no different. The supposed children being a variety of monster in disguise.

Now take a moment and think of being a ghost child. You have all types of investigators coming in, some are friendly and want to play ball while others scream obscenities. For most sane people (dead or alive) that would cause a serious amount of confusion. I’m not saying some spirits don’t go into disguise but if anyone wants spirits to talk, especially claimed spirit children, I find it a little counter productive to yell at them. Perhaps it’s also I prefer to think of the better situation, that the claimed child is indeed one stuck to the other side.

ghost children

That’s one of the sad things about spirit children though, and possibly why some people wouold rather think them to not really exist. Think of it this way, would people go for the scary monster guised as a child or look at a child as see the sadness behind their situation whatever it may be. To answer that theres a reason why movies like Omen and Esther were made. Sort of speaks to the types that make up society, but this is a paranormal blog not a complain about society blog.

Point being though is that while an amount of caution should be taken spirits, tose are the children variety need bomb squad gloves. When coming across them caution is still advised but knowing which wire to “cut” can be a little hard to tell. They could be a spirt disguising themselves or young spirits trying to gain what was denied of them in life. The rest of their childhood.



Inappropriate reasons for delving into the Paranormal

Like the post about graveyards part of this is about being respectful of the dead. The main reason I’m writing about this topic is that theres something that disturbs me. Namely being the reasons some people have for delving into the paranormal head first. Please don’t misunderstand me on this, it makes me happy when people can be attracted into believing in the subject.  However it must be considered the reasons for why and if they’re getting into it for the right reasons.

Now to get along with the topic we’ll start with one I find to be one of two inappropriate reasons. The first being people of any age group trying to make contact or doing a “ghost hunt” for a cheap thrill. Hugely disrespectful to any spirits they can come into contact with as well as just insulting to the subject in general to my own opinion. If they later become more respectful believers and reasearchers later then no one can really complain. My point though is that one should never assume the spirits are there for just a quick tick off the bucket list. They might be dead but even they hate it when their time is wasted.

Secondly, because a loved one has passed. For this one I have a little more sympathy than the above. Death being apart of life and us all losing someone near and dear is understandable. The problem with this reason however is when a relative seeks to regain contact with the deceased. For anyone that’s seen the movie Casper, that gets my point across. In the movie Dr. Hardy uprooted his life and daughter searching the country for his deceased wife, Amelia. At the end of it he does eventually get to see her again but only after having been killed himself ( and brought back to life ). She explains to him why he never found her was that she had already crossed over. She had married a wonderful man and had a child with him from that had had a full life she therefore no reason to stay. For anyone that has lost a loved one I have to ask, did they have a full life? If so, like Amelia, they’d have no reason to stay. Now the former will have more respect than the first since love and respect go hand in hand. For most those are what we feel when we’d think of the deceased. It must be accepted that they’ve probably moved on though and the search is in vain. Another problem with it in searching for the loved one in question someone else doing a mock up of them can come in their place.

Now there could be other inapproppriate reasons for diving into the paranormal but the above, again, are the top two that I hear about. Ultimately though it is up to the reader to fully decide if they want to get into the subject at hand. This has only been presented so that if anyone some how files into one of the above they might rethink it just a little. Perhaps with the extra peice of input they might either be more respectful at first or safe gaurd themselves depending on the ones they meet.

With all of the above said this post will need further editing in the future. This post is far from perfect and could use some input from anyone reading it later.

Dark Spirits or Demons within ourselves

Now then to get started let me explain what I mean by the title. For myself I don’t believe all evil spirits to be demons. I’m not the only one to believe this way, but I still feel the need to give reason as to why.


With books and movies in popular culture sometimes jerking themselves to demons ( or dark mystical cults ) it’s not hard for people to jump to them when things may start to go awry. I’m not saying media culture is the only thing responsible but with movies and books like the Exorcist and End of Days, let’s just put it nicely with “people are impressionable at any age”.  With the imagination and nightmare fuel in their heads when some feel targeted by a spirit they might jump to this conclusion. However we’re finally moving on to why the title is as it is.

For this we’ll need a little anecdotal memory recall from everyone. Now think back to a time bullying came to play at anytime in life, be it in elementary school or the workplace. The bully in question might try to make themselves seem better or tougher in some manner in comparison to the target. When it comes to “evil” spirits I believe it to be the same scenario.  While demons do exist we can be demons in of ourselves more often than not. When people so cruel in their own hearts die what’s to make them change after death? Nothing simply. Calous people in life become calous people in death. Now to add on a little more they know their dead but still maintain a hold on their former home or business or what have you. They would do anything to drive the people inhabiting it then to “reclaim” what’s theirs. This even involves claiming themselves to be demons and with even just minor knowledge of the bible can claim to be under a well known name,  i.e. Belzebub, Legion, and a standby “the Devil”.

Just in defence of other spirits floating in the ether not all of them are dark in nature. I could stress this till I’m blue in the face. They just fall victim to lumping. What I mean by lumping is that the darker spirits have a larger voice and influence on how we perceive the rest of the spirits. A whispered insult speaks louder than a shouted compliment and it’s the same mentality when comparing spirits. The amount of negative encouters versus positive is extremely unblanaced depending on how one looks at it and the places the sources come from.

Again I’ll state that I do believe that demons exist and this post is not to claim that they don’t. I just find that for a majority of cases that it’s far more likely that it’s a human spirit putting on a scary mask. The simple reasoning that if they can masquerade about as one of us, what’s to say some of the truly evil or embittered among us won’t do the same thing?


Wandering Spirits

Now some might be wondering the meaning of the title. “Spirits remained tethered to where they died or where their body rests don’t they?”‘ one may ask. This is not always the case with some spirits. For some that do remain in one local it is mainly for the same reasons things hold us back in our life. One’s family could definitely be a tie, denial of whatever trauma might have caused it, or they’re afraid to move beyond their last known place of comfort. But for a few spectres that roam the back roads and forests of the world they seek to travel, in much a similar way to Jack from the last post.

To use an example, on one of the many variety hour haunting hour shows on several moons ago that made mention to Mad Anthony. Now if I may, His full military title was Brigadier General Anthony Wayne and he served during the Revolutionary war. He got the “mad” monicker for his military maneuvers and temperament. Moving on with the story though, after living a full life he finally died and was buried. However his family wanted him to be buried at home and wanted him dug back up. His son and an under taker I believe  came to do the task. They faced a problem when they discovered he hadn’t decayed as much as they though he would have. Leaving out what they did to his body they bundled up his newly cleaned bones in the back of a cart then headed off to home. Upon arriving home, much to their horror, they realized the generals bundle had come undone and they had strewn his father’s bones across the country side. Gathering what was left of him they placed him in his new coffin best they could and had a new burial ceremony. This is where the wandering spirit bit kicks in. See poor ol’ Anthony must have had just enough of himself left to roll in his grave at having his body strewn about. Supposedly you can see his spirit, as a floating dismembered body naturally, searching the back roads for his bones and doing his best to piece himself back together.I suppose it’s an unspoken rule for the dead to rest in peace metaphorically and physically.

Now I don’t want anyone to quote me on this story since it’s been a rather long time since I saw the segment that featured it. I just wanted to use General Wayne since I find him a better example than the myriad of  urban legends out there. The point being that spirits can wander about if they see a fit enough reason to. Not all of them are searching for their bones though. Some spirits wander because they feel they have no where to go. Thinking they can’t go back and no idea of how to go forward they are left with nothing but the world to trek.

For the above this leads me to one conclusion, that nearly all wandering spirits are aware in some form that they’re no longer living. It could lead one to wonder if it happens in a sixth sense sort of manner, where they’re given subtle hints as they move on. This isn’t to say that some spirits that are tethered don’t know that they’re dead. Many a psychic could tell anyone of a spirit they’d met that were aware of that fact, but just chose not to leave. Again as before there’s many reasons as to why a spirit would choose to remain in one of their last “living haunts”. I’d like to think some of them are just remaining where they were last happy, but I already know that isn’t the case for a majority of them. Watching any variety hour or reading any paranormal book drives the point in with a numatic drill.

They can range from small children to the elderly like most other spectres and could be seeking help in their traveling. After all when we’re exasperated with no idea what to do we seek help yes? This is what many of them may be trying to do in their travels, since if help won’t come to them then they have to seek it.

For those that wander the the Earth I wish them the best of luck

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Graveyard Etiquette

Now after that title at least one person is going “why do I need to praise etiquette in a graveyard!?” . They’d have a right to think that since to most people a graveyard is just a lot of dirt with dozens to hundreds of interred corpses there in. However to those of us that believe that spirits do reside in the place of their rest I believe there should be some form of polite conduct.

“polite conduct? what do you mean?” What I mean is that one should think of a graveyard like one would a large apartment complex. Many rooms with many people in them. Most wold enjoy their apartment complex to remain nice and to be respected since most people would like their home to be respected in some form. It can be as simple as a compliment or picking up a spare piece of trash from a careless tenant that may not care as much.

Now then take complex and turn it into a graveyard and replace all the doors with tombstones. Though the dead may not speak directly all the time a little consideration of their “home” is still nice. With this said there are very simple rules for graveyard etiquette.

One: If it’s a nice and warm day and it hasn’t rained take off your socks and shoes. This might be the strangest of all the ones I’ll list. For this I place myself as one of the many denizens of the grave yard. I wouldn’t exactly be pleased if someone stepped over me with dog crap on their shoe, regardless of my pushing up daisies position. To bring back the complex example would anyone where muddy shoes on a rug or carpet?

Two: This one I believe to be a given since a hefty fine follows it if the perpetrator is caught. Vandalizing a grave is no different than someone breaking into a house and ransacking the rooms within. In short don’t spray paint a unicorn on a tombstone (or anything else for that matter) or shove them over.

Three: Another given is don’t leave trash behind since no one likes a messy house guest.

Four: The last one here. Be respectful of the residents at all times. A lot of people go into cemeteries for a quick ghost hunt for a thrill but neglect that, although dead, the residents still have feelings. To add on no going to the cemetery drunk  or high. If friends don’t enjoy surprise visits from inebriated guests, I doubt the spirits would either.

I know aside from the first one a majority of these should be common sense to anyone entering a graveyard. I just felt that a little etiquette list might help people remember them. After all we may all have common sense but will often need reminders to help us remember that.

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Children and the Paranormal

There is a permeating thought among some on how in tuned a child may be to the paranormal. The thought is that because children are so young and indeed still so close to the spirit world, afterlife, what have you that they had been apart of before being born. Others believe it’s because they don’t know better than to see spirits since older children are discouraged in a manner, that ghosts are among the realm of boogeymen. What ever ones belief on how and why children can see those the rest of us rarely can the fact is many children do if in the presence of a spirit.

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For many children the spirits they see are ascribed as being their imaginary friends by those around them. Just someone to play with and to keep them occupied. Other children become terrified by what they see as shadows flicker about the room, their dolls possessed, and the beats and bangs through the night that they’re certain isn’t the house settling as their parents would claim. I only imagine the kind of torment these children go through mentally. They’re truly unsettled by things  that they don’t understand and as a result of no one else understanding are unable to get any help that they might need. This bewilders me since even if it were the child’s imagination shouldn’t the parent take seriously anything that bothers their child? I dunno I figured that would be parenting 101 right there.

Moving on I know a child with such abilities. I’m going to call her Ginny for her sake. Since she was about seven or eight she has been seeing a shadow man in her room. It’s not every night and when he does appear he merely stands nearby looking down at her. Her parent’s didn’t believe her and in fact demeaned her for it. She’s only been able to talk to me about it and I’ve done my best to give her my advice. Since the man she saw never did anything I told Ginny that she should perhaps tell the spirit to go away. Couple weeks later when he appeared again it seemed to work. Granted there still some activity in her home but she’s dealing with it better now with what guidance I can give. Her parents believe her now too since they’ve come to experience the activity as well.

While in their childhood many children may experience these things. A majority of which have outgrown their ability as they age. As to why the thoughts on it are about the same as to why children did see them in the first place. I’ve told Ginny I hoped that this would happen to her for how much it had disturbed her before. Like stated before she’s about to go into middle school so she isn’t too far off from the “outgrowing” age.  For what guidance I can give I’m not a proper one being that if she doesn’t outgrow this, she’ll need a guide in working through it. I worry about her and many other children since for some malignant spirits they can be easy targets. Granted children sadly are easy in general for them but for those psychically inclined they are even more exposed since they have yet to develop their own mental defense barriers.

To sum up this post up if one has a child or know of one experiencing the paranormal:

A) Do not dismiss them and call their experiences just their imagination. Even if what they experience is just the sweater in the closet do not write off something that may clearly disturb them. That tells them that anything that might truly bother them later would be just as invalid in the mind. If they’re truly disturbed by what they see or here do what you can to comfort them and take it seriously even if it does turn out to be the danged sweater only!

B) If one is the type that is mentally paranormal inclined do not overly encourage the possible psychic nature of the child. After all if it really bothers the child they might not want to see anything of it at all. Also as stated before some children do grow out of it so they might feel pressured later in life to “fake” it, if the ability has dissipated.

C) Do comfort the child in what ways possible. If one has no idea what to do about it due to different beliefs seek the counsel of the nearest parapsychology team. Even if the information received is complete and total utter bull to the belief system of the home, if it comforts the child and helps them through what’s the harm?

In closing do try to be comforting AND considerate of any child experiencing the paranormal. Regardless of whether it’s their imagination or not any parent or guardian should take seriously anything that bothers the child under their care. Also mind that what I stated can be roughly called a loose guide. If things have already escalated in the home it’s about time to contact some help if it hasn’t already been done.

Shadow People

Aside from orbs and the occasional cupboard banging, shadow people are a common sign of a possible haunting. Due to the association with the color black and it’s association with evil many believe them to only be the sign of an malignant or evil spirit.  I personally do not believe this to be true. Being made up only of energy (possibly) I can only imagine how difficult it would be to try and create a manifestation of oneself and yet not accidentally blink themselves out of existence. So the only way to appear and not tax themselves is to appeal as a shadow of their former self, no pun intended.

Mind you not all shadow people look like shadows. A loose definition for them would be any haze like form in the vague shape of a humanoid figure. While the most common seen is dark in tone they can appear in different colors and/or glow in the case of some in lighter colors. Sometimes they appear on their own, sometimes they’re accompanied by other signs that one is not alone. Many are unsettled by them many for the fact that it’s an invasion much like if a burglar were to break into their homes. It’s some one that is unfamiliar and strange.

The only thing is that in several cases the spirit isn’t invading as much as we the living are. For many of them it’s still their home and they’re not happy about the new guests. This reminds me of a similar story if I may go off track a moment. The meat of it all surrounded the spirit of an old man trying to kick a young couple out of his home. However they retorted that while it had been his at one time they needed shelter but since he was dead no longer required it. This sort of startled the spirit since he wasn’t used to being challenged and after a silence the three came up with compromise. The deal was so long as they had a room set aside for him and left a fresh flower in his memory they could all coexist.

Back to the original topic is that unless otherwise founded, one shouldn’t fear shadow people. They’re not all evil, plotting to steal our spleens at night. They’re just a manifestation of people still hanging about after passing.

Disclaimer: I can’t speak for everyone in this since my only experience on this count was when I was young and one peeked into my room. At the time I only thought that someone had broke into the house.